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White Label Solutions – White Label Partnerships are Revolutionizing How MSPs Work

It is often said that an entrepreneur’s role is to find and bridge gaps between existing problems and unique solutions, to see “what is” and figure out “what could be”. Isn’t that what being an entrepreneur is all about? Yes and No. Not always. According to a Statista report, the number of branded companies worldwide went from 122 million in the year 2000 to 213.65 million in 2020. Thousands of brands, and with them thousands of innovations appear on the market on daily bases. That makes it hard to find problems that haven’t already been solved. This is where white label solutions can help you.

What is a White Label Solution?

In simple terms, a “White label solution” is a product or service developed by one company but sold by another. Instead of finding new solutions, you can purchase tested solutions without branding and sell them to your customers with your label. The simplest example is the products spotted on store shelves. They usually have the “store brand” on their labels. These are products bought from manufacturers without branding and are being resold.

Customers will associate the products or services with the reseller after the products are customized with branding and logo. Meanwhile, the producer can concentrate on just cost-effective ways of manufacturing without having to worry about marketing.

What Exactly is a White Label Partnership?

Many companies provide a variety of services to their white label partners, which they can then market to their customers as their own. A white label partnership allows businesses to provide additional services to their customers and clients. Your White Label Partner can be a team of professionals or an individual working on your projects, effectively operating as a core team member without actually being one.

A White Label Partner can work as an extension of your team and can use your company’s email, software, logo, and other business-related elements. A solid white label partner overrides the need for you to hire more people or manage everything yourself. Instead of limiting your clientele to a small number, you can get and manage more customers by outsourcing their responsibilities to a credible white label partner.

Why are White Label Partnerships Important for MSPs?

In 2021, the global managed services market was valued at USD 161.37 billion, and by 2027, it is predicted to reach USD 311.32 billion. More and more companies around the world are leveraging managed service providers to support their businesses. This makes it important for MSPs to keep adding new offerings and services to their catalogs. But not all MSPs have enough time or resources to invest for that purpose.

Building a customized solution from the ground to fit your company’s unique offerings can prove to be a recipe for disaster. Creating your solution can lead to the following outcomes:

  • You spend a lot of your time and money developing tools or solutions that already exist.
  • You make the same mistakes that others have already made and rectified.
  • Your time to market will be affected drastically as you try to troubleshoot and broaden your learning curve outside of your core skills.

To expand their service offering spectrum and overcome these problems, MSPs need partners that can provide highly customizable and flexible human resources and services. White label partnerships have brought a paradigm shift in the managed service domain. More and more MSPs are leveraging and reselling services provided by such partners.

How White Label Partners Can be Useful for Your Business?

Among the many benefits of being able to legally resell services and goods produced by your partners, below are a few important points:

  1. With the help of white label partners, you can expand your business and broaden the scope of services you provide without increasing your resources.
  2. You can provide new features and services to your customers without having to worry about R&D. You’ll solely have to focus on proper branding.
  3. Providing your customers with additional services will strengthen your brand value and brand awareness.
  4. You’ll end up getting more leads because of the additional services.

The Advantages of Working With A White Label Partner

Below are a few important points on how you can increase the quality of your services and profitability at the same time with white label partners.

1) Cost Management

As your business grows, you can hire more employees for expansion, but that may not always be the perfect option. Especially, with MSPs, hiring and training in-house employees can cost a lot more than utilizing a white label partner. You’ll have all the resources you need instantly to scale your human resources and with that your business. Outsourcing a lot of services can end up helping you save a lot of capital.

2) It’s Really Easy

White label solutions make it easy to add new features to your business. It makes scaling your business not just cost-effective, but also super easy. As a reseller, you’ll not be bearing any financial or other costs related to the development of the product. Just add your branding and you’re good to go!

3) Less Risk and Happy Customers

You don’t want to serve your customers with below-par services or products. But you definitely run the risk of doing exactly that if you try to add services to your business all by yourself without the help of an expert partner. The key to success is happy customers. A professional team of partners not just makes providing services easier, but they also do it much better with their high level of industry experience.

4) Enhance Your Performance

Utilizing an experienced workforce provided by an efficient white label partner will not just help you expand the scope of your business, but also enhance your overall performance. You can focus on the core aspects of your business without having to worry about the additional services. You’ll be able to provide more services to more clients, more efficiently!

SharkStriker White Label Partnership Program

By partnering with SharkStriker, you will be able to add all of our end-to-end cybersecurity services to your security portfolio. In addition, our collaborations provide you with access to our white-labeled services that you can deliver to your customers under your own brand name for no additional cost.

You’ll have access to our one-of-a-kind MDR platform, which is based on our ORCA (Observe, Response, Compliance, Awareness) philosophy, which relates to real-life ORCAs on the lookout for sharks (threat actors). The MDR platform has been SOC 2 Type 2 audited and is ISO27001 certified, guaranteeing that all data gathering and processing standards are followed.

Strengthen the IT posture resilience of your clients with SharkStriker’s holistic strategy and skills, which comprise the five pillars of cybersecurity: people, skills, technology, processes, and governance. All of our services are backed by world-class, high-tech SOC centers that operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week allowing for continuous monitoring and detection of threats, and response in real-time for utmost protection.


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