Working at SharkStriker

When you work with SharkStriker, you are not just working with any cybersecurity company. You are associating yourself with one of the leading cybersecurity services providers that has made a name for itself in protecting organizations from continuously evolving cyberthreats.

Our Team

We choose the people who work with SharkStriker with due care and attention and this is the reason why we have become one of the reputed companies offering MDR, XDR, Managed SIEM, VAPT, Cloud Security and Managed firewall services. We are a US-based company with a SOC presence across the globe and our employees benefit from working with team members across geographies, who bring their own brand of work culture, approach towards innovation and excellence to the table.

Our customer base is constantly growing and we need experienced cybersecurity professionals to keep up with the demand for our comprehensive range of services.

sharkstriker team

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