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Wholly Managed Security for Multifaceted Healthcare Threats

SharkStriker offers security services that help address the myriad of cybersecurity issues plaguing the healthcare sector.


Cybersecurity for Healthcare

The damage caused by cyberattacks in the healthcare industry is immense and their sophistication is increasing day by day. The need of the hour is to address these challenges with an innovative security approach empowered with best-in-class security solutions deployed at the network, endpoint and cloud. With SharkStriker, proactive security is within reach.

The healthcare sector has always been a prime target for cybercriminals and continues to hold their attention. Stakeholders in this industry are hard-pressed to protect their critical assets to ensure 24×7 continuity of critical services, as well as, securing confidentiality of patient data.

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Industry Stats

increase in fraud attacks
of healthcare organizations suffered a data breach
vulnerabilities found in each medical device on an average

Security Challenges

MDR focus

Healthcare attacks are increasing and becoming more sophisticated attack on attack. What’s more, the cost of data breaches is increasing substantially. SharkStriker will help you navigate these security challenges with our next-gen managed security services that deliver rigorous and scalable cybersecurity.

  • Securing your growing healthcare IT infrastructure with advanced security systems

  • Protecting sensitive patient information

  • Breach detection and response

  • Identifying risky users and threat mitigation

  • Identifying vulnerabilities across healthcare assets and remediating risks

  • Protecting IOT devices from cyberattacks.

Our Expertise

sharkstriker Compliance Management

With plenty of experience of working on improving the cybersecurity infrastructure for organizations across the retail sector, SharkStriker is best placed to solve your needs. Our approach to securing your business’s network and endpoint is not generic. It is tailor made keeping in mind the specific requirements of the retail sector and focuses on helping your business meet the requirements of the toughest regulatory compliances, including GDPR, PCI DSS and ISO-27001.

The SharkStriker Approach

How We Deliver Cybersecurity Solutions for Healthcare Sector

Intelligence Gathering

Evaluation and Analysis

Building a Plan of Action

Solutions Deployment

Best-In-Class MDR, XDR, SIEM, VAPT, Cloud Security, Firewall Services

Our Premier Services

SharkStriker understands the cybersecurity needs of all sectors and the various companies in that sector are different and we therefore upgrade cyber resilience in a tailormade manner.

SharkStriker Advantages

What our clients say about us

As an organization we realized, we were exposed to a threat landscape that is evolving continuously. Our small team found it difficult to cope with the advanced threats levelled at our organization. We partnered with SharkStriker to take the burden off our security team. We are simply amazed by their ability to manage our security infrastructure in a way such that all threats are kept at bay allowing us to focus on business growth activities.

Raj , CIO, Confiance Business Solution
Team Expertise

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to deploy effectual cybersecurity measures?2020-10-19T20:29:23+00:00

The time frame for leveraging the full benefit of our security services depends on the scale of your organization network, but considering we are offering managed security services, it really doesn’t take that much time.

We are struggling to becoming HIPAA compliant. Can you help?2020-10-19T20:28:57+00:00

Yes, our powerful suite of security services will support your needs to achieve HIPAA compliance to meet all technical safeguards.

My organization is using both on-premise and cloud deployments. Will you be able to secure all on-prem and cloud IT assets?2020-10-19T20:28:35+00:00

To put it simply, yes. We offer Cloud Security services that are geared to protect all your cloud deployments; couple this with our MDR and XDR services and you have comprehensive security across all your deployment environments.

How can you keep my organization’s network secure from constantly evolving threats?2020-10-19T20:28:16+00:00

We recognize the importance of progressive security solutions that keep one step ahead of cyber attackers. Our security solutions for health care are backed by 24/7 threat monitoring, continuous intelligence gathering and extremely fast incident response. Our managed security services checkmate all cyber threats.


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SharkStriker provides MDR, XDR and host of managed security services using ORCA platform managed by 24/7 ORCA Experts.

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