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Decoding Firewall Audit and Assurance

Ensuring Optimal Firewall Performance

Firewalls perform an impactful role in defending your corporate network, and are for all intents and purposes your first line of defense. Regular firewall audits ensure that you are able to identify configuration or policy errors that can be exploited by attackers to access your network. Today, organizations suffer from a range of network complexities resulting from deploying devices from multiple vendors. This results in poorly performing firewalls.
SharkStriker understands that the traditional manual audit process is extremely time consuming and might not be able to address the complex issues borne out of vendor and equipment diversity. We offer the most comprehensive audit and assurance services available on the market, driven by the right automation technologies to deliver pinpoint evaluation that unearths each and every problem,weakness,erors,conflicts, misconfiguration within the firewall deployment.

Decoding Firewall Audit and Assurance

Firewall Audit and Assurance Features

We audit your network security appliance on a range of parameters that helps you quickly address all issues impacting firewall performance. Identify potential vulnerabilities in your network posture and customize your security policies accordingly to update your firewall signatures with evolving attacks. Security is an ongoing process, and hence, you need to update, audit and assure your firewall regularly. Our host of audit and assurance features will highlight all the essential rules to configure your firewall optimally.

  • Identifying rule discrepancies and configuration errors

  • Checking for redundant and/or unused rules

  • Spotting shadow rules causing conflict

  • Conducting thorough analysis of system configuration

  • Identify Policy Violations that can lead to Security Breaches

  • Comprehensive Information for all Non-compliance Configuration Objects

  • Identify Gaps in Compliance

  • Compare Configurations to Industry Best Practices

  • Comprehensive Audit Report

Need-Based, Always Available Firewall Audit

Need-Based, Always Available Firewall Audit

All-in-one Firewall Assurance

All-in-one Firewall Assurance

Step 1 : Requirements Gathering

Gather more info about the network infrastructure

  • Access and analyze firewall logs, security policies, firewall topologies, and all other relevant information

  •  Understand the ins and outs of key servers and databases in the network and prioritize their importance

Requirements Gathering

Step 2 : Change Management Approval

Change Management Approval

Ensure the Right Execution Process for all firewall changes

  • Conduct a complete review of rule-based maintenance and whether all changes are being documented thoroughly

  • Check for a formal approval process that oversees any change in the firewall

Step 3 : Auditing Physical and OS Security of Firewall

Check Whether Firewall Policies Align with Corporate Security Policies

  • Make sure physical access to firewall is controlled and restricted to authorized personnel only

  • Check firewall OS for appropriate hardening

  • Making sure the Firewall OS is updated with the latest vendor patches

Auditing Physical and OS Security of Firewall

Step 4 :Uncluttering the Firewall Clutter

Uncluttering the Firewall Clutter

Conduct a complete overhaul of firewall rules to drive systemic cleanup

  • Delete all useless, expired or unused rules and objects

  • Disable inactive rules that are setup for removal

  • Remove connections that are not being used and also judge the efficacy of rules

Step 5 :Risk Assessment and Vulnerability Remediation

Identify risk rules and compliance with pre-determined network and security policies

  • Check for rules that violate industry best practices and standards

  • Evaluate rules and configurations based on diverse compliance requirements such as GDPR, PCI-DSS and more

  • Report and implement necessary remediation efforts

Risk Assessment and Vulnerability Remediation
Transparent Pricing

The hallmark of our all-inclusive service is you get what you pay for with a simple pricing structure

  • No needless pricing complications that interfere with your decision-making process

  • Simplified pricing model that helps you build the perfect security posture

  • Multiple pricing packages to serve organizations of all sizes

  • Value-based pricing tailored for different security requirements

Transparent Pricing

SharkStriker Approach

A well-rounded approach to managed firewall services guarantees sustainable and growing security returns from your firewall installation

Understanding Your Network Infrastructure

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Analyze Security Requirements

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Identify the Right Firewall

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Firewall Installation, Policy Setting, Rule Configuration

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