Decoding Remote Firewall Installation

A ‘good’ firewall monitor is only as good as its installation and configuration. You will be surprised to know that quite a number of organizations improperly install their firewalls. This is where SharkStriker’s remote firewall install helps to solve your initial setup and configuration challenges. All you need to do is choose our remote installation service, and we will move things forward for you.


We understand that the primary challenge of network security and monitoring and IT administrators is lack of time to actually study the firewall manual in detail to ensure that it is installed perfectly. With SharkStriker’s experience across all kinds of firewall deployments, you are assured of quick and secure firewall installation and configuration, with a focus on installation best practices.

Decoding Remote Firewall Installation

Firewall Installation Features

A to Z Installation that Ticks All the Boxes

Installing firewall on network is a critical security event that needs to be done within a specific timeframe and with a fair degree of completeness and proficiency. This is what SharkStriker does.

  • Installation

  • Registration, licensing

  • Configuration of all Features

  • Management configuration

  • Interface configuration

  • Software update

  • High Availability or VPN config if required

  • Knowledge transfer

Firewall Installation Process
Planning and Preparation

Benefit from a Thorough Pre-Installation Process

  • Fill up a detailed questionnaire that provides our technicians with a better understanding of your requirements.

  • Work out a plan based on this understanding.

  • Get on the same page with respect to deliverables.

On-Time, On-Point Deployment
On-Time On-Point Deployment
Get Your Appliance Installed Perfectly
  • We freeze on a specific time when the appliance will be up and running

  • Throughout the deployment, our technician will explain the setup, configurations and features

  • Focus is on making you well-versed with the firewall

Post-Installation Review
Maximize ROI from Your Firewall Easily
  • Immediately after installation our technicians will thoroughly evaluate configuration

  • We check whether the installation is delivering on your pre-determined goals

  • We check rules and policy setting to ensure it is aligned with your security expectations

Post-Installation Review
SharkStriker Approach

A well-rounded approach to managed firewall services guarantees sustainable and growing security returns from your firewall installation

Understanding Your Network Infrastructure

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Analyze Security Requirements

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Identifying Firewall Deliverables

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Firewall Installation, Policy Setting, Rule Configuration

SharkStriker Advantages
Team Expertise

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