Firewalls Managed by Firewall Experts

The primary reason for data breaches is cybercriminals hacking into an organizational network. Firewalls are guardians who prevent such attacks from happening by ensuring harmful malware-laden traffic is not able to access the most sensitive areas of your network. Today, many different firewalls are available that protect different segments of your network. But there is a problem. It is difficult to consistently assess and monitor firewall information and take immediate remedial action.


SharkStriker’s Remote Firewall Monitoring & Assessment services are the answer, as we handle this extremely resource intensive process for you. Outsource monitoring and assessment of firewalls to us and experience a wealth of network security test benefits. By allowing us to monitor and assess your firewall installation for you, your internal IT team can focus on other aspects of your IT security, and you get the benefit of working with a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of firewall experts.

Firewalls Managed by Firewall Experts

Managed Firewall Services Features

Don’t get frustrated by your inability to maximize the optimum value from your firewall. Use SharkStriker’s remote firewall monitoring and assessment services to maximize firewall ROI. Our services include a vast array of features capable of freeing you from all the firewall management hassles. Backed by a 24/7 SOC team and SIEM solution for event management, our services can ensure all-around transparency into firewall monitoring, regardless of the organization’s size. The features of our managed firewall services strengthen your first line of defense to make your network resilient.

  • Fully managed and hosted SIEM by 24×7 SOC team

  • Compare Configurations to Industry Best Practices

  • Security Auditing & Remediation

  • Availability Monitoring & Alerting

  • Change Management

  • Configuration Backup & Restore

  • Firewall Update and Policy Management

  • Centralized backup of firewall configurations

  • Ensure compliance with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA etc

  • Unmetered support from our certified security experts

  • Comprehensive Reporting

Remote Firewall Monitoring Services

Continuous Maintenance, Support & Upgrades

Why Managed Firewall Services

Why to choose Managed Firewall Services

Flawlessly Secure and Immensely Compliant Firewalls

Your firewalls are an important part of your cybersecurity posture. Network safety and its performance is dependent on the functionality of the firewalls. Our managed security service providers guarantee that the security framework of your network is aligned with the needs of the firewall.

The Process

Step 1 : Site and Deployment Assessment

A systematic assessment to deliver complete firewall benefits

  • Comprehensive evaluation of the network and its configurations

  • Work out which firewall suits the needs and requirements best

  • Ensure chosen firewall can work best with necessary compliance requirements

Site and Deployment Assessment

Step 2 : Firewall Implementation and Rule Setting

Firewall Implementation and Rule Setting

Protect your network with a managed firewall offering

Step 3 : Integrating Monitoring Framework

Enact a Sustainable Monitoring Strategy

  • Centralized log collection and normalization

  • Managing integrated compliance reporting tools

  • Comprehensive Reporting and Response Guidance

Integrating Monitoring Framework-
Transparent Pricing

The hallmark of our all-inclusive service is you get what you pay for with a simple pricing structure

  • No needless pricing complications that interfere with your decision-making process

  • Simplified pricing model that helps you build the perfect security posture

  • Multiple pricing packages to serve organizations of all sizes

  • Value-based pricing tailored for different security requirements

Transparent Pricing
SharkStriker Approach

A well-rounded approach to managed firewall services guarantees sustainable and growing security returns from your firewall installation

Understanding Your Network Infrastructure

Direction Arrows

Analyze Security Requirements

Direction Arrows

Identify the Right Firewall

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Firewall Installation, Policy Setting, Rule Configuration

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Benefit from 24/7 Firewall Monitoring and Assessment

SharkStriker Advantages
Team Expertise

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