Policy Management

Cybersecurity Policy Management

Gain 360 degree policy realignment as per compliances Realign all of your existing policies with all the local and global compliances with our policy management services.s.

Policy Management

Understanding Policy Management

Policies are highly detailed documents that guide and direct courses of action within an organization at different levels. Each organizational department may have specific gaps in policies that must be addressed and closed before it faces heavy consequences of non-compliance. Therefore, policy management is an essential component of compliance management since it ensures 360 degree fulfillment of all the statutory and regulatory compliances.  

Our compliance consultants and auditors ensure effective policy framing and implementation through extensive review and analysis of all the existing policies and procedures. They conduct a top down analysis of all the gaps in compliance. Based on their analysis they deliver a tailored policy management plan that allows enterprises to fulfill compliance through an enhanced cybersecurity posture.

Why Security Policy Management?

The following are the benefits that our security policy management services offer:

Assists in planning and execution
Enable organizations for seamless and secure flow of operations.
Assists in preparing business continuity plans.
Helps in preparing business strategies.
Assists in devising seamless incident response plans.
Empowers organization
Makes sure that everyone is aware in terms of cybersecurity.
Builds trust among stakeholders through 360-degree compliance fulfillment.
Increases enterprise confidence in external compliance audits.
Assists in devising business strategies stress-free from legal challenges.
Renders efficiency in organization
It saves time lost in unnecessary paperwork.
Saves cost from fines/penalties as a result of non-compliance.
Enhances efficiency in compliance through streamlined policies.
Improves organization’s ability to combat all common vulnerabilities.
Assists in Compliance fulfillment & security
Fulfills all compliance-related requirements for PCI DSS,PoPI,GDPR
Enhances cybersecurity posture of the organization.
Defends against cyber criminals who aim to steal sensitive personal information.
Improves accuracy and efficiency of response to threats.

Our Approach

We engage in a systematic approach to managing security policy through a well-planned process and thorough documentation, easily accessible by all the relevant parties across different levels. We implement the right set of policies for security systems aligned with the most immediate regulations and guidelines of federal and state laws. 

The following are the steps that we engage in for security policy management.

  • Review and audit
  • Analysis
  • Implementation
  • Post-implementation review
  • External Audit assistance
The first stage is the most critical stage of the process. It allows us to gain a complete idea of all the existing policy and procedure-related documentation as well as all the existing roles and responsibilities. We ensure that all the aspects of the policy framework are covered such that nothing is left behind while auditing.
In the first stage, we audit all the documents pertaining to the status quo rules, policies, and procedures. We review how the policies are implemented and at the levels at which they are implemented. This includes gathering information on all the resources, people, and systems associated with the policies and procedures.
Review and audit
Once we determine the status quo security policy framework across different levels of the enterprise, we analyze whether they are in line with the guidelines stipulated in the compliance (federal or state compliance). If they are not, then we recommend steps to implement policies and procedures. We look for gaps in compliance and analyze the best ways to fulfill those gaps.
Compliance consultants and experts make sure that they are drafted as per the guidelines and assist in preparing concise documents that can be easily understood by regulators and the key people of the organization alike. Through a comprehensive evaluation of all the existing policies, we devise policies that fill all the gaps in compliance and awareness amongst the employees.
After analysis, comes the execution of the policy management. At this step, we create awareness among employees regarding the newly streamlined policies and procedures as per applicable compliances. Creating awareness includes making sure that all the key personnel associated with the implementation process are well aware of their responsibilities and duties for seamless policy enforcement and compliance.
We build reference modules that the employees can go back to in case of queries. This ensures that everyone across different levels of the enterprise is aligned together for policy and procedure implementation.
To make sure that there is no margin for error, we run a post-implementation assessment across different levels to look for gaps in execution. We keep running this review and implement measures to fill gaps until we find no gaps in implementation. Post-implementation reviews are extensive reviews that can take time but they ensure that compliance is maintained equally across different levels of the organization. They are critical for enterprises to stay up to date with the most immediate cybersecurity compliance requirements.
Most of the local and federal regulations and guidelines are assessed by an external auditor who would conduct an inspection of all the policies and procedures and check whether everything is in place before issuing certificates of compliance. Therefore enterprises must stay up to date with all of their cybersecurity policies and procedures such that they don’t face any penalization as a result of non-compliance.
As a part of our policy management services, we also offer comprehensive assistance with external audits. We help enterprises gain confidence with all of their policy and procedure documentation through an in-depth review of the documentation. We compare the existing documentation in terms of all the guidelines, ensuring that they are drafted in the most immediate requirements. Upon finding gaps or errors in documentation, we render steps to ensure flawlessness in policies and procedures.

Policies covered

Our policy management includes all kinds of statutory and regulatory policies that are subject to change over time.

We cover security policy management for compliances such as SAMA, NES, KDPR, Essential 8, ISO27001, GDPR, PCI DSS, or any other statutory or regulatory compliance. The following are the policies that we cover.

However, they may change depending on the enterprise, the industry to which the enterprise belongs, and the regulations to that it is subjected.

Information Security Policy
Data Protection Policy
Data Retention Policy
Access Control Policy
Asset Management Policy
Risk Management Policy
Information Classification and Handling Policy
Information Security Awareness and Training Policy
Acceptable Use Policy
Clear Desk and Clear Screen Policy
Remote Working Policy
Business Continuity Policy
Backup Policy
Malware and Antivirus Policy
Change Management Policy
Third-Party Supplier Security Policy

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