Security Audit And Assurance

Security Audit & Assurance

Build stakeholder trust through comprehensive audit and
assurance services across IT infrastructure.

Security Audit & Assurance

Understanding Audit and Assurance

As cyber threats continue to evolve, governments and regulatory bodies are getting more serious about information security, privacy, and the overall cyber security posture. With local and global regulations and guidelines heavily enforced across the globe, non-compliance can be costly for enterprises in terms of data, reputation, and money. 

Therefore, technical assessment of all the policies, procedures, and rules is a must to ensure that they are up to date as per the various national and global regulations and optimal for combating the most immediate threats. 

Experience improved information security posture with our extensive audit and assurance services. Leverage expert-driven cyber risk treatment strategies to build stakeholder trust and fulfill compliance.

Why Cybersecurity Audit and Assurance?

The following are the benefits that our cybersecurity awareness services offer:

Ensures Compliance
360-degree security audit across IT infrastructure
A detailed audit of policies, procedures, measures, and rules for compliance with statutory and regulatory guidelines.
Seamless compliance-friendly documentation of reports.
Enhances cyber resilience
Implementation of industry best practices in cybersecurity.
Increased awareness of the most recent threats and vulnerabilities.
Improved accuracy of response through threat categorization.
Provides insights into your cybersecurity posture.
Top-down cybersecurity posture assessment of IT infrastructure.
Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.
Empowers organization
It enhances trust through compliance fulfillment.
Saves revenue and protects the reputation of an organization.
It reduces unnecessary paperwork.

Our Process

To ensure that your enterprise is compliant and cyber-ready for the emerging threats of tomorrow, we take a pragmatic approach containing a structured process. The following is the process that we follow to ensure seamless audit and assurance:

  • Security assessment
  • Risk treatment plan
  • Implementation
  • Post-implementation audit
In the first step, we conduct a detailed audit of the existing cybersecurity posture through security assessment and vulnerability and penetration testing of all the devices, servers, systems, and cloud and IoT ecosystems connected to the network.
We determine the areas that are non-compliant and collect information on all the vulnerabilities across the IT infrastructure of an enterprise. This step helps us know where the enterprise stands in cybersecurity and compliance.
Security assessment
Once we determine the areas where the enterprise is non-compliant and vulnerable, we frame policies, procedures, rules, and measures to be implemented for cybersecurity posture enhancement and fulfillment of compliance across the IT infrastructure.
It is a step where we define specific rules, policies, and measures to be executed with guidance for the remediation of vulnerabilities in the existing setup.
Risk treatment plan
Post planning comes execution
We implement policies, procedures, rules, and security measures in line with the risk treatment plan to remediate the enterprise of all the vulnerabilities and non-compliances we detected in the security assessment. We execute the entire process with the right expertise, technology, methodologies, and process.
At the end of the process, we prepare reports that are documented in a compliance-friendly manner such that they can be used further for the fulfillment of compliance.
To ensure that nothing has gone wrong in the implementation of the risk treatment plan, we run an organization-wide audit looking for any signs of non-compliance with implementation. If gaps are identified, we take steps to remediate them and prepare reports that give a detailed view of the entire process.
We also prepare documents that assure that the enterprise’s cybersecurity and compliance posture is up-to-date as per the most immediate changes to the statutory and regulatory guidelines.
Post-implementation audit

What we cover

360 degree compliance assessment
Gaps assessments in security and compliance
Risk treatment plan
Extensive assessment of cybersecurity posture
Post implementation audit

Garner trust & cyber resilience with expert audit and assurance services.