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Security Consulting

Understanding Security Consulting

The world is moving towards digital, and cybersecurity has to catch up with the pace of internet connectivity. There are around a million internet-enabled devices driving change across industries. However, this has come at the cost of becoming vulnerable to cyber threats. Attackers are continuously evolving their techniques. They can even bypass the most nuanced cybersecurity measures.

In response to this, statutory and regulatory bodies have also implemented guidelines for security. Therefore, holistic assessment of cybersecurity posture is a must for both improved resilience and compliance fulfillment. SharkStriker assists you in doing that with a team of cybersecurity experts and compliance consultants such that you are one step ahead of the threats of tomorrow. 

Why Security Consulting?

The following are the benefits that our security consulting services offer:

Builds trust
Seamless cybersecurity compliance fulfillment
360-degree enhancement of cybersecurity posture
Improves cyber resilience
Cybersecurity posture improvement
Regular Assessment.
Top-down risk assessment.
Industry-specific guidance on cybersecurity.
Improves response
Threat categorization.
Increased awareness of cyber risks and measures through training.
Comprehensive response plan for cyber attacks.
Enhances efficiency
Asecure and uninterrupted flow of operations.
It saves time and data otherwise lost in a cyberattack.
Saves enterprise from unnecessary paperwork, fines, and legal stress.
Assists in planning
Incident response planning.
Business strategy planning.
Empowers organization
Protection of critical data assets.
Undisrupted operations with zero downtime.
Saves revenue and protects the reputation of an organization.
Seamless compliance with all local and global guidelines and regulations.

Our Approach

From start to finish, we ensure that you get the best guidance based on your industry, business size, scope, technology, assets, etc. We follow a systematic approach by inculcating industry best practices in cybersecurity guidance.

We ensure that the guidance and recommendations are enforced with the right technology, tools, and knowledge without any areas left behind.

We follow a step-by-step process for cybersecurity consulting to ensure that you get the best guidance to improve cyber resilience across different levels of your organization.

The following are the steps that we follow for security consulting:

  • Scoping
  • Security assessment
  • Risk treatment plan
  • Implementation
  • Post-implementation audit
It is the first step where we collect all the information across all the systems, software, hardware, servers, lof ecosystems, and cloud systems connected to the organizational network.
Scoping ensures that no part skips out of the security assessment. We also evaluate the roles and responsibilities in an organization and its organizational structure to know the flow of information across different levels and directions.
We also ask the enterprise to answer a few questions in the scoping documentation. Once we possess all the information we need for executing our security assessment, we move forward towards conducting the security assessment
Based on the information acquired from the previous step, we engage in a full-blown security assessment of the enterprise. We test the defenses using some of the most offensive techniques and assess all the vulnerabilities and anomalies in functioning across all the systems connected to the network.
It is the most vital step of security consulting since it accurately identifies the weak points within the infrastructure that helps us seamlessly prepare guidelines for cybersecurity posture improvement.
Security assessment
Post-security assessment, we prepare a set of steps and guidelines for treating vulnerabilities. We specify the technology to be deployed and measures to be implemented. We also define the roles and responsibilities of key personnel.
Our team collaborates with all of the concerned personnel of your enterprise to attend to their queries regarding the plan to close gaps in knowledge and enable them for complete awareness to avoid human errors of any kind. We ascertain areas that are vulnerable along with remediation measures to treat them.
It helps the organization get a complete plan with a clear picture of “what is to be done?” in cybersecurity.
Risk treatment plan
Once we have created a plan based on the risk assessment, we ensure implementation with the right technology, policies, and procedures. The next step is to define the roles and responsibilities of various people across different levels.
To ensure that all the knowledge gaps are closed, we build training modules and reference material for employees in case of queries.
To ensure that the plan is implemented well across all levels of the organization, we conduct an audit that assesses the effectiveness of implementation.
We do so by seeking gaps in security measures, policies, rules, and procedures that we have recommended. Upon getting information on implementation gaps, we suggest measures for the quick-fulfillment.
We document the entire process for future reference and compliance fulfillment. We also conduct individual assessments such that the plan is well understood by the responsible personnel and that they are equipped with the right set of information and clarity on the course of action. We also assist enterprises during external audits such that they follow the right steps with the right documentation that can be presented with confidence to the auditors.
Post-implementation audit

Trusted Cybersecurity Advisor

Whether it is about meeting your digitization goals or making the most of business transformation opportunities, ensuring the right cybersecurity posture is a must. Therefore, SharkStriker provides you with your very own cybersecurity advisor who offers you industry-specific guidance on the subject matter of cybersecurity. We offer you the vantage point you need for business
growth without having to worry about disruptions from cyber attacks.

Compliance Guidance

We provide 360-degree compliance fulfillment guidance for all statutory and regulatory guidelines such as SAMA, NES, KDPR, Essential 8, ISO27001, GDPR, PCI DSS, and any other statutory and regulatory compliances. We ensure that you stay up-to-date as per the most immediate changes to these guidelines and regulations to mitigate any risk arising from potential non-compliance.

Experience comprehensive guidance for enhanced cyber resilience and compliance fulfillment.