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Training Service

Understanding Cyber security
awareness training

Enterprises across the globe keep facing new forms of cyber attacks with increased sophistication. Most cyberattacks are due to human error because humans are the weakest link for an attacker to exploit. That is why it is important to mitigate human errors at the maximum to minimize the risk of compromise and non-compliance. 

However, it is easier said than done. Because each organization is made up of different sets of resources, people and their levels of awareness may vary at different levels. Therefore, upon determining where the organization lags in terms of awareness, we prepare training modules. Our subject matter experts take charge of the training and make sure that everyone is in line with the awareness goals of the enterprise.

Why Cybersecurity Awareness and training?

The following are the benefits that our cybersecurity awareness services offer:

Fills gaps in knowledge
Employees can fill their individual knowledge gaps in cybersecurity.
Covers the most recent cybersecurity threats.
360-degree awareness in the domain of cybersecurity.
Enhances cyber resilience
Trains employees of various forms of social engineering attacks
Enables staff to implement individual cybersecurity measures
Reduces time to respond through seamless knowledge transfer
Seamless operation
Mitigates the risk of disruption from social engineering based attack.
Reduces the plausibility of risk arising from individual internet usage.
Improves cyber awareness of all the remote workers.
Prepares for real world attack:
Uses mock attacks and simulation based training.
Knowledge imparted using real life attack case studies.

Our approach

To ensure that there are consistent and accurate levels of awareness at both individual and organizational level, we take a methodical approach to cybersecurity awareness and training. We create a tailored training program for the enterprise specific to their industry, based on their awareness gaps and needs assessment. 

The following is the process that we follow for effective cybersecurity awareness training:

  • Training needs & gap analysis
  • Creation of training plan
  • Implementation
  • Post-implementation audit
In the first step, we ascertain the current levels of cybersecurity awareness both at an individual as well as organizational level. We look for gaps in the knowledge across different levels from top to the bottom level of the organization.
This would include checking if they are aware of the most recent vulnerabilities, recent cyber threats and ways to mitigate cybersecurity risks individually with the right set of cybersecurity best practices. We assess individuals of their knowledge using various real life methods and collect information on the weak areas that need to be addressed.
Once the assessment is done, we conduct a needs and gaps analysis that determines the direction and contents of the awareness training.
Training needs & gap analysis
The next step after determining the needs based on awareness gaps is to create a comprehensive plan that encompasses all the aspects that are to be catered. We define the methodology to be used for effective impartation of knowledge.
We make sure that it caters to real world scenarios, taking into account that it is easily understood by all is with the loss of interest or attention.
In the training plan, we also define the duration of the training program as well as the materials to be used for imparting awareness. We plan the resources, technology and expertise that will be used in the training as well as the number of participants. Post creation, we release organization wide notice of the training making compulsory participation to ensure that no one is left out.
Creation of training plan
We implement the training plan with the right set of resources, expertise, and technology. We make sure that it is implemented exactly as it was planned without leaving out any part of the plan unattended.
We ensure that the right subject matter expert is assigned for the preparation of training and awareness related material such that there is no error in implementation. At this stage, we design and implement real world training scenarios and simulations purposely built to increase awareness among employees as well as get an idea on how to treat cyber risks at individual levels.
We collect feedback from the participants post training sessions to gain insights on individual levels of understanding. We prepare a report on the analysis of the awareness gaps along with steps that could be taken to treat them.
Creation of training plan
To ensure that implementation has made the impact it was planned to make, we conduct a post implementation audit. It guarantees that there is no gap remaining or left unattended.
If there are any gaps that we identify as a part of the post -implementation audit,we recommend steps to be taken to remediate them. We conduct a final audit to check whether the levels of awareness are consistent and accurate across different departments in an organization. We prepare a final report of our awareness program with detailed information on key findings along with possible steps of remediation.
Post-implementation audit

We cover the most relevant subject matters in cyber security and compliance

Tips for secure access to internal & external network
Measures to be taken for fulfill ment of compliances
Industry best practices in cybersecurity
Most immediate cyber threats and vulnerabilities
Recent developments in cybersecurity

Reduce human errors down to zero. Make way for smooth digital transformation with 360-degree cyber-awareness services