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Become an MSSP With SharkStrikers white label services – AU/NZ Region

This Webinar was Hosted by:

Palak Dixit
Palak Dixit
Sales Head
Mamta Bhavsar
Mamta Bhavsar
Security Consultant

With the increase in cyberattacks, the security market has gained much traction. It is evident that you would want to embrace this opportunity with both hands and become a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) to gain profit.

But the road to becoming an MSSP has its own challenges. You’ll need to invest in the people, processes, and infrastructure to start your MSSP journey. But there’s a simpler way: SharkStriker’s White-Labeled Services.

Register now and know more about this white-labeled approach. Key points of the discussion include:

  • Current Security Market Landscape
  • Scope and Need for Managed Security Services
  • Challenges of Providing Managed Security Services
  • Our White-Labeled Approach to Overcome the Challenges

SharkStriker will demonstrate how its white-labeled approach can help you become an MSSP. Register now and get a chance to expand your security services portfolio.

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