Turbocharging solutions through cybersecurity-as-a-service AU/NZ

Webinar – AU/NZ Region

Turbocharging solutions through cybersecurity as a service | AU/NZ
01st March 2023
02 : 30 PM AEST
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76% of ransomware attacks happen after business hours and on weekends. Hackers don’t have fixed business hours. Most organizations aren’t able to make the most out of what they already have. To worsen this situation, they aren’t equipped with the skills to combat the problem. Through our webinar, we will be looking at how SharkStriker will assist you in making the most of your existing cybersecurity solutions such that you are ready for the threat landscape of tomorrow.

In this webinar, our experts will go cover this topic:

  • Why are organizations failing to leverage their existing solutions to the maximum potential?.
  • Why do you need 24×7 monitoring and incident response?
  • How SharkStriker helps you gain most of what you already have with SOC as service and MDR ?

Let us take a look at how the SOC team helps you solve the most immediate cybersecurity challenges by channeling their expertise.

We will also be diving deeper into how to leverage your existing solutions to their max potential with some of the subject matter experts who will also be answering some of the queries that you bring.

Jenil Sadrani
Security Architect
Palak Dixit
Sales Head

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