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Understand an Attacker’s Mindset with a Live Hacking Demonstration – AU/NZ

This Webinar was Hosted by:
Jenil Sadrani
Jenil Sadrani
Security Architect
Mamta Bhavsar
Mamta Bhavsar
Security Consultant

An organization can not afford to ignore cybersecurity threats in this day and age. Attackers just need one weak link to hack you and that can lead to complete devastation. Did you know that ransomware attacks can cost you as high as a million dollars!

Join our webinar to understand a cyber attacker’s mindset and learn why and how they might target you or your customers. Imagine an attacker trying to hack an organization by targeting a specific employee or customer with a brute force attack. watch our live step-by-step cyber-attack simulation that demonstrates how our security experts deal with such situations in real-time. You have the opportunity to learn the art and science of threat hunting from industry experts!

In this webinar, our experts will discuss

  • Show you a live step-by-step cyber-attack simulation 
  • Take you through how attackers approach organized attacks in different ways
  • Show you how our experts detect and deal with such situations with a live threat hunting demo

Our experts will take you through the difficulties that a multi-stage cyberattack poses and how we detect such attacks and breaches with a live threat hunting demo. Join the webinar to learn how to safeguard your customers and yourself! 

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