IoT pen-testing services for businesses in the UK

SharkStriker assists businesses in the UK improve their IoT environment’s security posture with real world techniques. 

IOT Penetration Testing Service

Understanding IoT Penetration testing

Increasing organizations are beginning to adopt some or the other form of AI/ML business intelligence solutions that can leverage their operational capabilities to maximum as a part of their digital transformation. They are adopting IoT solutions comprising cutting edge hardware, sensors and software.

However, as these technologies evolve over time, the mechanisms of breaking through their security also evolve, needing increased security. This is where IoT pen-testing comes into play, ensuring that the IoT ecosystem remains secure from vulnerabilities and threats and implementing measures to strengthen the resilience of devices connected.

What do we cover

With the world embracing “Going digital” it is critical to protect IoT devices against cyber threats emanating from the internet and to identify vulnerabilities such that stronger configurations, rules, and patches can be deployed. Here are some of the key aspects that we cover under IoT pen-testing:

We review the following under IoT Pen-testing

Electronic layer
Embedded software
Communication protocols
Server, web & mobile interfaces
Password policies
Access management
Cloud configurations
Security systems
Operating systems
Wired & wireless network settings

Why does your organization need IoT Penetration testing?

Since IoT devices are connected to the internet, there is a high possibility that they are exposed to some of the most complex threat actors who can steal key PII (personally identifiable information) and financial information. Our team of CREST-accredited pen-testers assist you in augmenting the security of the IoT ecosystem in your organizational network through extensive IoT pen test.

Through the test, we gain in-depth knowledge of all the vulnerabilities specific to the IoT devices in your network such that we can take measures to augment their cybersecurity. Post completion, we prepare a comprehensive compliance-friendly report listing vulnerabilities and measures for improving the security of your IoT devices.

What are some of the common vulnerabilities found in IoT devices?

Since IoT is a relatively new technology, many organizations have IoT ecosystems that possess unexplored vulnerabilities which could lead to them becoming a primary threat vector for cybercriminals. This is the main reason why IoT pen testing is a must. 

Some of the most commonly revealed vulnerabilities found in IoT pen-testing are as follows:

Vulnerable default settings
Insecure interfaces
Unchanged/weak passwords
Weak/Insecure hardware
No Data Security
Unauthorized updates

Our approach to IoT Penetration testing

SharkStriker inculcates a myriad of offensive real-world attack techniques while pen-testing IoT devices. The following are some of the steps that we follow while conducting an IoT pen test.

  • 01
    Our pen-testing experts work with your organization’s key personnel to plan out the scope of testing ie. devices to be covered in the IoT pen-testing.
  • 02
    Attack surface mapping
    At this stage, the experts decipher all the probable entry points of attackers that can potentially be taken advantage of and exploited in an IoT device. It covers all embedded devices, firmware, software, applications, and radio communications.
  • 03
    Testing and exploitation of vulnerabilities
    At this stage, our team of expert ethical hackers uses the most offensive hacking techniques, knowledge, and experience to hunt for vulnerabilities and crack IoT devices. Some of the common techniques used are – Exploitation of the device using SPI and I2C, Reverse Engineering the hardware & firmware, and JTAG debugging. Once the vulnerabilities are discovered, they are categorized according to their severity.
  • 04
    Analysis and Reporting
    After the test run is complete, our team accumulates all the critical information derived from the test along with some of the key findings. Then they prepare a comprehensive report that includes all the technical as well as non-technical summaries along with proof of the entire process they followed along with some suggested patches.

Type of Penetration Test

  • VAPT
  • IoT Penetration Testing
  • Network Penetration testing
  • Web application Pen-testing
  • Mobile application Pen-testing
A combination of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing where a certified pen-tester engages in extensive assessment of vulnerabilities within all the endpoints connected to the IT infrastructure. It is done both automatically and manually and then a report is generated with all the measures for remediation…
IoT Penetration Testing
|n this a pen-tester engages in assessing the IoT ecosystem connected with an enterprise’s IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities and suggests measures to strengthen its cyber resilience. Post completion he prepares a detailed report consisting of all the security measures for effective remediation and posture augmentation.
Network Penetration testing
In this, a certified pen-tester engages in rigorous testing of the network to determine prevalent vulnerabilities within the internal and external network along with measures to strengthen a network’s cybersecurity. Once done, a report with categorization of all the vulnerabilities along with remediation steps is made.
Web application Pen-testing
It is a form of penetration testing that is specific to web applications. A pen testers deploys attack techniques to assess the web application’s vulnerabilities and categorizes vulnerabilities as per their severity. Post-completion a report is prepared suggesting measures to improve cybersecurity of the applications.
Mobile application Pen-testing
A pen tester deploys some of the most offensive techniques to assess the prevalent cybersecurity of mobile devices and categorizes the existing vulnerabilities as per their severity. Post completion the expert prepares a report with all the necessary steps to strengthen the mobile application’s security.

Deploy your IoT ecosystem with supreme confidence with SharkStriker’s IoT pen-testing service

Frequently Asked Question

  • What is IoT penetration testing?
  • Can an IoT device be hacked?
  • What is the Importance of IoT penetration testing?
It is the use of offensive real-world attacking techniques to discover the vulnerabilities and loopholes in the security of IoT (Internet of Things) devices. The main purpose of this penetration testing is to strengthen the defenses of IoT devices such that they are impenetrable to most threats and inaccessible to most cyber attackers.
Since the devices are connected to the internet, they are most likely to be vulnerable to bad attackers who are looking to steal sensitive data pertaining to personal information or financial information. IoT attacks have now become some of the most common cyber attacks that occur today costing organizations millions. Some of the common threats to IoT devices are Botnet attacks, DoS attacks, Data Theft, and Shadow IoT attacks.
IoT devices become a primary vector for bad actors due to their reliance on the internet. This is why IoT pen tests are important because they measure the level of security of all the IoT devices in an organization’s network. They also point out all the vulnerabilities, loopholes, and probable threats to the devices and allow experts to release patches and configurations that make their security infallible.

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