Who We Are?

SharkStriker is a US based security services provider with SOCs and offices across the globe. We are your cybersecurity team. We are the gatekeepers of your network. We are the reason how you can get the most value out of your cybersecurity. We help you improve your organization’s security ROI by working as an extension of your inhouse team.

There is a reason why we call ourselves SharkStriker. Sharks are apex predators and so are today’s cybercriminals. But if there is one thing that sharks are scared of it is the Orca or the killer whale. We have fashioned our cybersecurity services after Orca, to strike at all cyber sharks.

Our purpose-built cybersecurity-centric, AI/ML powered ORCA platform with a well-honed adversarial orientation delivers all-encompassing protection to the organization which includes proactive protection, automated detection, machine learning-based response, threat intelligence, incident management, compliance management, and security awareness.

Our cybersecurity experts use their ORCA skill sets to hunt for threats levelled at your organizational network and remediate these effectively and quickly. Our focus is simple – address threats before them become a problem.

Our Core Values

Cybersecurity Delivered on the Pillars of Integrity, Transparency and Accountability

  • We approach the bolstering of your cybersecurity defenses with utmost responsibility thus ensuring that you get the benefit of our comprehensive security services.Your Content Goes Here

  • You are made well aware of all the vulnerabilities across your network so that you have all the information you need to make the right decision.

  • With us, there are no surprises and your organization gets the benefit of the capabilities that you choose to invest in.

What our clients say about us

As an organization we realized, we were exposed to a threat landscape that is evolving continuously. Our small team found it difficult to cope with the advanced threats levelled at our organization. We partnered with SharkStriker to take the burden off our security team. We are simply amazed by their ability to manage our security infrastructure in a way such that all threats are kept at bay allowing us to focus on business growth activities.

Raj , CIO, Confiance Business Solution

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SharkStriker Benefits

SharkStriker provides MDR, XDR and host of managed security services using ORCA platform managed by 24/7 ORCA Expers.