Advanced Incident Response: Utilizing machine-accelerated, human-led MDR platform with digital analysis for real-time responses

Incident Response is a critical component for mitigating the consequences of a data breach. No organization is completely secure today. Hence, businesses need to leverage Incident Response (IR) Cybersecurity Services to help with 24/7 monitoring, root cause analysis, resolve and respond to immediate issues, and enhance security to prevent recurrences. Leveraging threat labs and conducting in-depth research on the latest crime tactics help Incident Response experts to quickly respond to security incidents before they become severe.

Key elements of robust Incident Response Services include:

Evaluate the threat

Evaluate the threat with root cause analysis to detect the actual vulnerability leading to attacks


Remediate and contain the threat by responding to immediate issues

Detailed Reports

Create a detailed report and enhance security based on lab research to prevent recurrences

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Detect. Respond. Contain.

Skills and Expertise

SharkStriker Incident Response Services team comprises experienced professionals with profound skills and knowledge in Incident Response and forensic research.

24/7 Support

Our Incident Response Services team is available round-the-clock for remote and on-site assistance. Our Incident Response retainers also provide you the flexibility for quick response for emergencies with global SOC centers.

Unique Platform

SharkStriker’s unique, cloud-hosted, and machine-accelerated MDR platform enables continuous monitoring for quick detection and real-time responses to threats.

Threat Lab Research

SharkStriker’s threat labs and in-house forensic researchers allow our cybersecurity experts to keep updated with the latest attack tactics and common IOCs for real-time analysis and responses.

Granular View

Our open-architecture solutions used as a part of our Incident Response can easily integrate with any existing security solutions for a single pane of glass, granular view.

Tailored Solutions

SharkStriker’s Incident Response Services experts work as an extension to your in-house team for seamless communication and transparency to create a custom response and containment plans.

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