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Cybersecurity for financial services

Protecting you from threats so that you can do your numbers with confidence. Safeguard your most sensitive data, be it banking records or trading algorithms, and research with real-time cyber security services that secure you round the clock from the most sophisticated threats.


Securing you before the threats cost you your business

The financial sector comprises banks, investment firms, wealth management firms and private equity houses that store sensitive information in their IT infrastructure. This information might contain trading algorithms, and PII (Personally Identifiable Information) such as banking records and research. By deploying technological services such as internet banking, mobile banking and online payments, financial institutions are becoming more vulnerable to cyber attacks. They also face the problem of lack of skilled resources in cybersecurity to fulfill all of their cybersecurity needs. 

We offer you the power to focus on your business without having to worry about threats and vulnerabilities. Through a round the clock team of cyber security experts , we offer financial institutions with real time monitoring, identification, detection and response to threats and remediation to vulnerabilities. Through timely assessment of cybersecurity posture, we improve organization’s cyber security resilience. Protect your most important consumer data assets and personal information of all of your customers, and research with SharkStriker’s modern cybersecurity services. 

Do These Challenges Sound Familiar?

Protection of sensitive consumer PII and financial information
Preparing an incident response plan for breaches
Leveraging existing solutions with modern technologies
Fulfilling various statutory and regulatory requirements
Supporting organizations to scale up their services through round-the-clock protection
Training personnel in cybersecurity awareness

Cybersecurity compliance in the finance sector

Don’t let the fear of cyber risks and  noncompliance stop you from focusing on business growth. With SharkStriker, you can do business tension free. We assist institutions in improving their cybersecurity posture by conducting a top-down assessment of their cybersecurity and implementing measures to improve their cyber resilience.We take steps to ease fulfillment of various statutory and regulatory compliances through our range of compliance management services. All of our assessment reports are compliant with NIS, GDPR  and other standards.

We possess the expertise that is much needed to combat the most sophisticated challenges of the finance industry. Through a holistic approach, we render seamless cybersecurity posture enhancement and compliance fulfillment in financial institutions. Our services include extensive posture assessment, security audit of existing endpoints, servers etc., compliance management and other holistic services that cater to finance industry’s cybersecurity challenges. 


avg attacks per week in the finance sector


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avg cost of a breach in the finance sector

Our Award-winning Services

SharkStrikers’s security services are designed to provide the vital assistance needed
to make tangible improvements to your organisation’s cyber security posture.

Why choose SharkStriker?

Award-winning MDR
Award-winning revolutionary MDR.
Full cycle incident
Full cycle incident response with unlimited incidents coverage.
Quick and hassle-free
Quick and hassle-free service deployment.
monitoring by SOC
24/7/365 monitoring by SOC team of cyber experts.
Proactive Threat Hunting
Proactive Threat Hunting, Threat Intelligence, Alert Analysis & Contextual Analysis.
Triage by Security
Triage by Security Experts through threat intelligence and library.
Guided Remediation
Guided Remediation, Log Collection & Retention for seamless compliance fulfillment .
Data and privacy
Data and privacy protection with continuous File Integrity Monitoring (FIM).

Safeguard your most sensitive financial data with cybersecurity services of the future

Frequently Asked Question

  • What role does cybersecurity play in the finance sector?
  • Why does a financial organization require cybersecurity?
  • What are the legal compliances specific to the financial sector?
  • What is the pricing?
  • What are the unique values you get with SharkStriker?

Cybersecurity is the first line of defense for an organization against bad actors such as ransomware gangs, hacktivists, and state-sponsored attackers who are looking for a gateway to infiltrate their defenses and get hold of sensitive data.

It defends the reputation of financial organizations like banks and investments by protecting them against threats and vulnerabilities in the continuously evolving threat landscape. It protects the organization’s key financial information including personally identifiable information of consumers, banking information, valuable financial research, and trading algorithms. It saves millions of dollars that the firm would have spent as a result of a breach. Firms fortify their most critical assets with seamless security assessment, compliance, real-time protection, and comprehensive incident response planning.

Today’s attackers have become highly sophisticated such that standalone cybersecurity solutions aren’t self-sufficient. This is where cyber security experts such as us come in. We add a human touch in combination with cutting-edge technologies to hunt, identify and respond to threats in real time. We help your organization render financial services smoothly without any massive disruptions from cyber attacks. We engage in a comprehensive evaluation of your organization’s status quo cybersecurity infrastructure and create a report of all the vulnerabilities, threats, and cyber risks. Through this, we augment the cybersecurity posture of your organization.

Financial organizations are increasingly vulnerable to modern-day cyber criminals due to the large amount of sensitive data that they store such as banking information, credit card information, personally identifiable information (PII), research data, etc. Cybercriminals look to exploit them for their benefit or sell information for a demanded price.

Breaches can cost a financial firm its hard-earned reputation and consumer trust. They can also be penalized upon failure to fulfill certain statutory regulations that are mandatory to be complied with. By availing of cybersecurity services, financial firms can gain extensive 24/7/365 protection against the most immediate cybersecurity risks. They can protect their customers’ and employees’ data and comply with statutory regulations, saving them a huge chunk of their time and money which they would have otherwise lost as a result of a breach or cyber attack. It safeguards them from reputational damage due to breaches.

SharkStriker’s services are compliant with GDPR, NIS Directive, OWASP, and other statutory and regulatory compliances.
For pricing and a custom quotation, we request you to contact our experts who can give you detailed information and assist you better.
Some of the unique values you get with us are as follows:
  • 24/7/365 SOC with cybersecurity experts, analysts, threat hunters, incident responders, and pen-testers
  • Full cycle incident response with unlimited incidents coverage
  • Network pen-testing
  • Proactive Threat Hunting Threat Intelligence and Threat analysis
  • Log Collection & Retention
  • File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Compliance friendly reports