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Empowering those who drive innovation with 24/7/365 cybersecurity. Drive innovation and efficiency across industries with round-the-clock cyber security services that protect your most important digital assets of tech space with instantaneous response to all the anomalies, threats, and vulnerabilities. 


Cybersecurity in Technology

As businesses across industries grow, there is an increased need for technological innovation and solutions that help them achieve optimal throughput, driving customer satisfaction,and boosting productive outcomes. The tech space is expanding with increased implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning software, IoT devices, and cloud ecosystems that render efficiency across organizational levels. This has led tech companies to store large sets of sensitive data digitally in huge digital assets. They have become increasingly vulnerable to cybercriminals looking to steal them.

Say goodbye to the risks of DevOps disruption as a result of cyber attacks, with SharkStriker! Enter the world of maximum uptime of all of your technological and digital assets with real-time cybersecurity services of the future. We deliver lightning-speed response to threats with a human-technology approach that utilizes the best of both worlds – human expertise and technology. We instantly identify and address vulnerabilities and threats by leveraging all of your legacy systems with our modern cutting edge cybersecurity solutions.

Do These Challenges Sound Familiar?

Fulfilling all the statutory and regulatory requirements.
Protecting your most confidential client data.
Maintaining a balance between access to controls and cyber security.
Securing company-specific data such as IP (intellectual property) and patenting.
Round-the-clock protection against cyber threats.
Ensuring cybersecurity in DevOps by identifying practices that are exposing to cyber risks.

Cybersecurity compliance in the technology sector

The technological sector is getting more and more complex with rapid development in the industry. However, congruently, cybercriminals have also evolved. They have begun using emerging technologies to perpetrate attacks. This has posed a significant risk to enterprises in terms of data protection and privacy. Regulatory bodies have issued compliances to protect data privacy and protection rights of their citizens that technological enterprises are finding difficult to keep up with.

We have worked with various technology companies to possess the right set of experience to assist technology companies in fulfilling their compliance obligations and prevent unnecessary fines and penalties. We are equipped with the right set of expertise, resources and solutions to combat the most sophisticated cybersecurity bottlenecks of the tech industry. Our services encompass standards such as OWASP, ISO/IEC 27037,PoPI, DPA 2018, PCI DSS and other standards. 


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Our Award-winning Services

SharkStrikers’s security services are designed to provide the vital assistance needed
to make tangible improvements to your organisation’s cyber security posture.

Why choose SharkStriker?

Award-winning MDR
Award-winning revolutionary MDR.
Full cycle incident
Full cycle incident response with unlimited incidents coverage.
Quick and hassle-free
Quick and hassle-free service deployment.
monitoring by SOC
24/7/365 monitoring by SOC team of cyber experts.
Proactive Threat Hunting
Proactive Threat Hunting, Threat Intelligence, Alert Analysis & Contextual Analysis.
Triage by Security
Triage by Security Experts through threat intelligence and library.
Guided Remediation
Guided Remediation, Log Collection & Retention for seamless compliance fulfillment .
Data and privacy
Data and privacy protection with continuous File Integrity Monitoring (FIM).

Render max efficiency and innovation with zero interruptions from cyber threats 

Frequently Asked Question

  • What role does cybersecurity play in the technology sector?
  • Why does the technology sector require cybersecurity?
  • What are the legal compliances specific to the technology sector?
  • What is the pricing?
  • What are the unique values you get with SharkStriker?

The technological sector is driving development across industries through innovative solutions that make operations more efficient. Tech companies are facing high competition due to the increasing demand for tech products and services as the business universe expands. They are integrating IoT devices, advanced enterprise solutions, and cloud ecosystems to upscale their operations and achieve efficiencies across all levels. They store large amounts of sensitive data such as development-related data, API-related data, and personally identifiable information about their workforce

But this has exposed them even more to cyber criminals who are looking to infiltrate their network and gain access to all of their sensitive data for monetary or political motives. Cybersecurity plays the role of end-to-end protection of all the servers, systems, applications, and devices connected to the network ensuring that none of them are compromised by cyber threats, attacks, or bad actors. It ensures that all sensitive data consisting of personal, developmental, and financial data is secured through continuous monitoring, detection, identification, and response.

Technological companies possess large data assets that contain confidential development-related information, source code data, API data, and financial and personal information of their workforce. This increases their exposure to cyber threats such as data breaches that can cause them huge data loss. Cyber attacks can also damage a tech company’s reputation and cost them huge financial losses. To protect their most vital digital assets and for uninterrupted development operations, cybersecurity is essential. Cybersecurity services ensure that the company’s IT infrastructure remains secure at all times through continuous monitoring, accurate identification, and instantaneous response.
SharkStriker’s services are compliant with GDPR, NIS Directive, OWASP, and other statutory and regulatory compliances..
For pricing and a custom quotation, we request you to contact our experts who can give you detailed information and assist you better.
Some of the unique values you get with us are as follows:
  • 24/7/365 SOC with cybersecurity experts, analysts, threat hunters, incident responders, and pen-testers
  • Full cycle incident response with unlimited incidents coverage
  • Network pen-testing
  • Proactive Threat Hunting Threat Intelligence and Threat analysis
  • Log Collection & Retention
  • File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Compliance friendly reports