National Cyber Security Center Framework (NCSC Framework)

NCSC Framework

National Cyber Security Center Framework (NCSC Framework)

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NCSC Framework

Understanding NCSC framework

NCSC Framework

New Zealand is on the cusp of business growth, and an increasing number of businesses are already at some stage of digital transformation. The National Cyber Security Centre predicts, prevents, and contains cyber threats in New Zealand.

They have designed a cybersecurity framework to protect the most critical systems, networks, and information of businesses from attacks and unauthorized access. It includes institutions of national significance – all the economic generators, niche exporters, and research institutions.

NCSC framework

The following are the main aspects of this framework

Guide & Govern
To create awareness through systematized efforts and guidance such that the organization has a fundamental knowledge on keeping assets secure from cyber risks.
It also includes promoting cyber security in an organization with governance efforts.
Identify & understand
This aspect is about the identification of the responsibilities of people of the organization, including the suppliers and third parties associated with the company.
It is also about how to apply them based on the assets identified, the threat environment, and the context of the operation.
Prevent & Protect
To continuously improve and focus on cyber risk reduction in general rather than becoming reliant on flawless cybersecurity in the future. It means a proactive approach towards cybersecurity that involves preemptive identification of security vulnerabilities.
Detect & Contain
Since cyber incidents are inevitable, organizations should take steps for incident response planning. It stresses that security monitoring is necessary and recommends steps and controls for round-the-clock monitoring.
Respond & Recover
Prioritizing security incident response to prevent damage, contain threats, and get critical services back to normal is one of the essential goals of the NCSC framework.

SharkStriker Approach

At SharkStriker, we believe in maintaining a lifecycle approach to compliance, meaning we assist you in identifying and implementing all the necessary steps for compliance. Our compliance consultants provide businesses with the much-needed hand-held support and guidance required through multiple phases in their journey toward compliance.

  • 01
    Establish context
    First, we work with our client to prepare a detailed scope that is based on their business context. We understand their industry specific requirements for compliance and gather information on all of the people, processes and technologies involved.
  • 02
    Gap assessment
    We engage in a comprehensive assessment of cybersecurity compliance and cybersecurity gaps in the organization across different levels. We engage in vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, risk assessment, and firewall assessment to determine the status quo cybersecurity posture against the guidelines recommended in the NCSC framework.
  • 03
    Risk Treatment plan
    Based on the gap assessment, we ascertain all the security measures, policies, procedures, and controls in a detailed risk treatment plan. It is also the step where we deploy security solutions such as managed security solutions, endpoint, network, and cloud security, incident response management, and 24×7 threat hunting, detection, and response.
  • 04
    Once the risk treatment plan is ready, the next step is to implement it with the right technology, processes, procedures, policies, and security measures as mentioned in the plan. We tailor the managed security services to ensure that the guidelines mentioned in compliance are accurately implemented.
  • 05
    Post implementation audit
    To ensure that the implementation processes are executed completely and that it hasn’t left anything in terms of execution, we engage in a post-implementation audit. If we find anything that is deviating from the planned execution or any gaps in implementation, then we take the requisite remedial measures for treating them.
  • 06
    Training and awareness
    One of the many challenges to compliance achievement is the lack of awareness across different levels in the organization. Based on the identification of awareness in organizations, we take measures to raise awareness in the organization and create modules and programs on compliance.

How can we help you with the NCSC framework?

We take all the necessary steps to ensure that your organization is compliant with the NCSC framework and adherent to all the guidelines stipulated in the framework. We do so by engaging in extensive compliance gaps assessment and implementation of the right set of tools and controls for compliance fulfillment.

We then prepare a set of recommendations based on the assessment that we undertake with all the right set of steps that are to be undertaken to stay up-to-date with the regulations from time to time.

Our services include making sure that your NewZealand based organization keeps up with the constantly changing NCSC framework requirements from time to time. As per the guidelines we identify and implement the right people, processes, and technology much needed for the comprehensive achievement of NCSC guidelines for your organization.


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