Mobile Application and Penetration Testing

Protect your mobile devices and applications against the most lethal threats. Bolster your mobile applications’ and devices’ security with expert exploitation techniques and pen testing.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing Service

Decoding Mobile Application Security

The increasing dependence on mobile devices has raised the need for round the clock security. With organizations moving towards digital transformation, new devices are added to the network exposing them to cyber threats.

Enhance your mobile application and mobile device security with the right steps to secure them from threats that put sensitive personal and financial information at risk. Through the test we engage in systematic review of your mobile device management policy putting the best practices to secure your mobile devices connected to the network.

Know your enemy – common threats to mobile security

Monitor, detect, analyze, remediate and contain vulnerabilities and threats before they cause your data to be compromised. So, if you have in-house development of mobile applications or your organization utilizes mobile applications for the most vital business operations SharkStriker can assist you through a comprehensive assessment of your mobile devices and applications. The following are some of the common risks to the mobile devices and applications in your organization’s IT infrastructure:

Weak server-side controls
Insecure data storage
Insufficient transport layer protection
Poor authorization and authentication
Broken cryptography
Client-side injection

The SharkStriker approach to mobile application security testing

We engage in the implementation of the best security practices and offensive techniques to enhance your mobile devices and applications’ security such that your mobile ecosystem is prepared for the worst to come in cybersecurity.

  • 01
    Application Awareness
    The first step is to test the mobile application for all of its functionalities and features such that the team is completely aware of the application and its features. This is done with the help of user manuals or simply, browsing the application and testing it with its developer.
  • 02
    Creation of Threat Profile
    After the first step, a comprehensive profile of all the treats is made as per the level of seriousness. It includes all the information about the bad actors, scenarios, and goals of cyber attackers.
  • 03
    Test Plan Preparation
    Once the threat profile is created, our team prepares a test plan including critical threats such as – OWASP Mobile Top-10 Vulnerabilities, Variable Manipulation, Hardcoded Secrets in the application package, Weak Cryptographic usage, Bypass Input Validation, Data Leakage via other channels, Weak mPIN / password, Hardcoded Secrets, Sensitive Information in Cache, Privilege Escalation.
  • 04
    Executing manual and automated tests
    Post the preparation of the test plan, both manual and automated tests are executed in line with the test plan. In case any further testing is required, the testing engineer makes sure to mention it in the plan. After completion of the test runs, a detailed report is prepared including the screenshots that portray the attack thoroughly.
  • 05
    Test summarization and reporting
    This is the last step wherein the team prepares a comprehensive report about the process. It describes each vulnerability and threat in detail along with their level of severity along with possible remedies and courses of action.

Why does your organization need a MAPT?

Since mobile applications and devices are responsible for all critical business operations, it is imperative for organizations to fortify them against all the latest external threats and keep testing them for vulnerabilities from time to time.

To pen-test the real-world mobile application for vulnerabilities
Saves your application from mobile app store rejection
Identify potential vulnerabilities to validate secure mobile app design best practices
Improves overall security, and productivity of business
Secures data from theft and leakage
Fortifies security of app through strong authentication, authorization, and encryption
ISO 270001, PCI DSS, & Compliance support

Why choose SharkStriker for MAPT? 

We at SharkStriker believe in following a steadfast approach to mobile security pen-testing. Our team comprises some of the most experienced CREST-accredited pen-testers who add a human touch to cutting-edge tools that are used to detect vulnerabilities. 

We possess a deep understanding of how various threat actors operate and we conduct an in-depth analysis of the vulnerabilities and threats in your network. We also provide thorough advice for network security care along with a 360-degree post-test care service for long-term risk remediation.

Type of Penetration Test

  • VAPT
  • IoT Penetration Testing
  • Network Penetration testing
  • Web application Pen-testing
  • API Penetration Testing
A combination of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing where a certified pen-tester engages in extensive assessment of vulnerabilities within all the endpoints connected to the IT infrastructure. It is done both automatically and manually and then a report is generated with all the measures for remediation…
IoT Penetration Testing
|n this a pen-tester engages in assessing the IoT ecosystem connected with an enterprise’s IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities and suggests measures to strengthen its cyber resilience. Post completion he prepares a detailed report consisting of all the security measures for effective remediation and posture augmentation.
Network Penetration testing
In this, a certified pen-tester engages in rigorous testing of the network to determine prevalent vulnerabilities within the internal and external network along with measures to strengthen a network’s cybersecurity. Once done, a report with categorization of all the vulnerabilities along with remediation steps is made.
Web application Pen-testing
It is a form of penetration testing that is specific to web applications. A pen testers deploys attack techniques to assess the web application’s vulnerabilities and categorizes vulnerabilities as per their severity. Post-completion a report is prepared suggesting measures to improve cybersecurity of the applications.
API Penetration Testing
Since API is one of the low hanging fruits for cyber attackers it is essential to keep it secure from the most immediate threat actors. API pen-testing involves testing the security of the API through offensive attack techniques and recommending measures to improve it.

Partner with us to augment your mobile application and device security

Frequently Asked Question

  • Can penetration testing be done on mobile applications?
  • What are the 3 types of penetration testing?
  • What are the 5 stages of mobile penetration testing?
  • Why is Mobile penetration testing important?
Yes, penetration and vulnerability testing can be done on mobile applications. This involves a five-stage process that is executed by a team of cybersecurity experts who create a detailed report at the end of the testing.
The three types of pen-testing are white box testing, black box testing, and gray box testing.
Mobile pen-testing involves the following stages: Application Awareness, Creation of Threat Profile, Test Plan Preparation, Executing manual and automated tests, Test summarization and reporting
1) It helps in pen-test the real-world mobile application for vulnerabilities 2) Saves your application from mobile app store rejection 3) Identify potential vulnerabilities to validate secure mobile app design best practices 4) Improves overall security, and productivity of business 5) Secures data from theft and leakage 6) Fortifies security of app through strong authentication, authorization, and encryption 7) ISO 270001, PCI DSS, & Compliance support

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