Decoding VAPT

The vulnerability assessment process involves the use of vulnerability assessment tools that identify vulnerabilities in your organization’s IT assets, which have the potential to be exploited by attackers. These are systemic flaws that can leave your organization exposed to both known and unknown threats such as ransomware and more.

Decoding VAPT

What is VAPT?

VAPT stands for Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) and the acronym contains two types of testing approaches, which together offer a comprehensive vulnerability evaluation. The VAPT process includes automated vulnerability assessment, human-centric penetration testing and in certain complex scenarios, also involved red team operations

Penetration testing is used to identify the extent of weaknesses and their severity. The job of a penetration test is to find flaws and show you how damaging it could be if it is exploited by a real attacker.

Together, both Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing offer a drill-down view of the various flaws across different systems and their potential to put your organization’s cybersecurity at risk.

Necessity of VAPT

Necessity of VAPT

Cybercriminals are using strategies and tactics that are constantly evolving. In order to ensure your network remains safe at all times, it is imperative that it goes through periodic vulnerability assessment and testing.

Apart from delivering a 360° visibility into organizational security weaknesses and throwing light on the necessary security solution, VAPT also supports your need to meet compliance such as GDPR, PCI DSS and ISO 27001

Our VAPT Services

VAPT is a collection of services that make your organization more secure by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities before cybercriminals can find them. Before an organization gets started on VAPT, it is imperative they have a better idea of the services that are a part of VAPT:

Diverse VAPT Services

Reliable Security Assessment

Bolster the Security of your IT Assets:

The SharkStriker Approach

Our VAPT services are driven by a series of steps that ensure the most complete, contextual and relevant security assessment founded on deep-seated human expertise and progressive technology.

Extent of Work

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Threat Recon and Intelligence

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Proactive Scanning and Vulnerability Evaluation

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Defining Vulnerability Matrix

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Application Threat Perception Analysis

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Vulnerability Exploitation

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Comprehensive Reporting

SharkStriker Advantages

A team that is as concerned about your organization’s cybersecurity as you are:

Team Expertise

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