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Understanding SAMA Compliance

The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (also known as SAMA) introduced a framework in 2017 for the comprehensive security of banking and finance institutions known as SAMA Cybersecurity Framework (CSF). It was an amalgamation of all the best cybersecurity practices across the globe such as OWASP, NIST, PCI DSS, ISO 270001, and GDPR. Due to the increased cybersecurity readiness among the institutions that complied with its framework, SAMA made it compulsory for all the organizations affiliated to comply with the framework to combat the most immediate and sophisticated vulnerabilities and threats

SAMA Cyber Security Framework (CSF)

Gap Assessment
Get an extensive assessment of all the non-compliances and gaps as per the SAMA framework across all of your status quo infrastructure.
Risk Assessment
Post-assessment we create a detailed set of recommendations that include all the policies, rules, procedures, and cybersecurity measures that are to be taken.
SharkStriker ensures zero margin for error to technology implementation as per compliance with the right set of tools in accordance with the SAMA framework.
Risk Assessment
We ensure seamless fulfillment of SAMA framework through top to bottom compliance assessment and implementation.
Periodic Compliance
We ensure that your organization is up to date with the various changes in guidelines from time to time through periodical compliance assessments.
Progress Analysis
We engage in SAMA CSF progress analysis to analyze and gauge the security posture of your organization.
Risk Treatment
Post-risk assessment, we offer a range of recommendations along with a comprehensive treatment plan to remediate gaps and risks.
We provide a range of services that assist enterprises to mitigate compliance and human error gaps and risks.
Compliance Audits
SharkStriker’s compliance experts perform periodic compliance audits to ensure zero deviations from the set SAMA CSF policies

SharkStriker Approach

We have provided SAMA compliance assistance to several businesses through our ORCA approach (observe, response, compliance, and awareness). Our MDR Ultimate solution covers all the offerings to strengthen your security posture by delivering a 360-degree view through constant monitoring, evaluation, and response. Here’s how we can help you become a SAMA-compliant entity.

  • Assessment
  • Rollout & Implementation
  • Security Services
  • Compliance Review


Our approach starts with assessing your existing business infrastructure to determine how compliant it is with SAMA regulations.
Identify Assets
Identify systems where critical information is stored
Understand compliance requirements
Identify critical service
Controls Identification
Determine controls that can help bridge identified gaps
Strategize and build a risk treatment plan
Gap & Risk Assessment
Conducting vulnerability and risk assessments
Identify compliance gaps in the current information systems
Compliance Reports
Audit the current posture and develop a compliance report
Identify Assets

Rollout & Implementation

After the assessment, we start implementing the right tools and solutions to roll out the risk treatment plan.
Security Measures
Technology Controls
Implement the exemplary architecture that fosters alignment with the risk treatment plan
Technology and tools configuration
Run training and awareness programs to educate your employees
Mitigate human errors and make your cybersecurity resilient
Management Controls
Procedural, managerial, and operational controls to mitigate risks
Enhance physical security
Use IAMs to assign roles to different users and prevent unauthorized
Rollout & Implementation

Security Services

The security services phase focuses on supplementing your existing infrastructure to enhance security strength and resilience. SharkStriker’s comprehensive range of services provides you with a complete security solution.
Periodic Security Testing
Vulnerability Assessments
Penetration Testing
Security configuration reviews
Managed Network Security
Firewall Installation & Management
Firewall Configuration Assessment
Network Security Monitoring
Threat Detection and Response
Conducting vulnerability and risk assessments
Managed SIEM Solution
24/7 Security Monitoring
Incident Response
Cloud & Endpoint Security
AI-based EDR Solution
Cloud Security Assessment
Cloud & Endpoint Security Monitoring
Security Services

Compliance Review

In the last phase, we review and audit the implementation of the SAMA compliance framework. We conduct periodic audits and reviews to strengthen your ISMS.
ISMS Review
Review the performance of your ISMS to find and mitigate any deviations
Continuous improvement of ISMS
Mock Audits
Conduct mock audits to identify weak and exploitable areas of the ISMS
SAMA CSF Internal Audits
Periodic audits of ISMS and the risk treatment plan to ensure that the plan is still relevant
Assess if your business is following the defined metrics and procedures
External Audit Support
Assistance with external audits to ensure that your ISMS meets SAMA compliance standards and gets the certification
Compliance Review

What Sharkstriker Can Do For SAMA Compliance?

We ensure that you are compliant with all the SAMA CSF guidelines and regulations through extensive compliance gaps assessment and implementation of the right set of tools and controls for compliance fulfillment. By providing a detailed set of recommendations,we help your organization to stay up to date with all the regulations that keep changing over time.

We offer a range of services post implementation of SAMA policies based measures such as conducting a wide scale training and awareness programs for your employees, providing round-the-clock support for external audits, and risk assessment. We also run post-implementation mock audits to ensure that there is no gap left unattended when it comes to compliance. Enhance your fulfillment of SAMA CSF regulations and policies with SharkStriker!

Be compliance-ready, always, with SharkStriker!