Cloud Security Defined

Also known as cloud computing security, cloud security uses numerous policies, technologies, and procedures to enable security in the cloud to secure end-to-end environments. These measures come together to protect data, systems, and the overall infrastructure on the cloud. These measures authenticate access to the cloud to monitor traffic and ensure regulatory compliance. A robust cloud security solution can protect your cloud computing environments from both external and internal threats.

Cloud Security Defined

Important of Security

Adopting cloud increases your IT parameter as you no longer only have to protect only on-premise systems. Hence, cloud infrastructure security becomes imperative. With cyber-attacks constantly innovating and becoming more sophisticated, you need to find a cloud security company that can provide customized cloud security solutions for your needs. Here are a few benefits that cloud security brings to the table.

Threat Prevention

Cloud security provides enhanced visibility over your cloud environment with SIEM tools for continuous monitoring. Thus, you can fix threats and vulnerabilities before they are identified and exploited by attackers.

Data Security

Whether your data is at rest or in motion, protected by you or any third party, cloud security can defend it. It comprises many detection, prevention, protection, and compliance measures to ensure data security in cloud across multiple environments.


Several businesses are holding back from leveraging the full potential of the cloud due to cyberattack threats. Cloud security can increase transparency and reliability to ensure you can focus on optimizing cloud usage.

Regulatory Compliance

Cloud security solutions can automate compliance assessments with SIEM and DevOps tools to ensure that your business complies with all the necessary data and security regulations.

SharkStriker Services

A cloud-native security solution that can seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure.

SharkStiker’s Cloud Security can be the one-stop solution for protecting your cloud environments. Our solution enables you to continuously monitor your cloud posture to detect and prevent threats for optimal security.

Choose SharkStriker’s Cloud Security Services To

Strengthen Your Cloud Security Foundation

Strengthen Your Cloud Security Foundation
We review all the protocols and measures of your security strategy across the infrastructure, including IAM, workloads, connectivity, applications, and systems, to help you establish a firm and robust cloud security foundation. Moreover, we can also help identify the to-be security state based on your practices and provide recommendations for optimization. Define a strategy that aligns with all the compliances and serves your security requirements.

Oversee Cloud Security Risks

Oversee Cloud Security Risks
Our services provide enhanced visibility, enabling you to oversee all cloud security risks. We conduct risk assessments using global standards such as CIS, CSA, and cloud-native checklists. It helps boost the evaluation of several cloud assets ranging from computing, storage, and databases to networks, boundaries, and containers. It also enhances evaluating remediation across operations, processes, developments, architecture, and technologies.

Establish Data and Privacy Protection

Establish Data and Privacy Protection
Leverage our services to establish a data protection framework for the cloud and SaaS-based storage. You can secure access and privacy through IAM, PAM, encryption, SSO, anonymization, and MFA. We can help you define data protection protocols, measures, and guidelines to ensure data security in cloud. Also, define technologies and implementation roadmap to secure SQL and NoSQL cloud databases, blobs, buckets, and other data containers.

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