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Cybersecurity for Fintech Industry

Securing your personal and company data while you help businesses grow. Secure your sensitive personal, financial, and company data before they are exposed to cyber criminals who deploy some of the most sophisticated attacks with cybersecurity services that are online 24/7/365.


Protecting your high-value financial and personal data from cyber threats and attacks 

Fintech organizations continue to drive digital transformation in businesses, enabling them to offer services such as mobile banking, electronic payments and crypto trading. It has led to exposure of data in digital formats, putting more pressure on fintech enterprises to secure sensitive confidential financial information. Additionally, they are also liable to comply with various statutory and regulatory guidelines specifying steps to be taken to protect data.  To worsen the situation, cyber criminals are evolving and exploiting fintech enterprises’ security loopholes.

Focus on your business with round the clock cybersecurity services that protect your most valuable data assets with SharkStriker. Our threat library and threat lab provide us with relevant information and analysis on threats, making our hunting process quicker and more accurate. Through comprehensive incident response plans and in-depth security assessments, we assist you in preparing for cyber attacks and improving your cybersecurity posture significantly. Defend your enterprise against reputation damaging cyber attacks with SharkStriker’s extensive round the clock security. 

Do These Challenges Sound Familiar?

Safeguarding personal and financial data
Securing data that is confidential, financial and personal
Maintaining continual access to data while strengthening its security
Detecting and responding to anomalies, vulnerabilities, and threats
Ensuring the fulfillment of statutory compliance
Checking for irregularities in source code during development

Cybersecurity compliance in the fintech sector

Managing large sets of digital data that is confidential, sensitive and financial in nature can be tricky. We ease your fintech organization’s fulfillment of statutory and regulatory compliance requirements with thorough compliance assessments, gap analysis and implementation & review of the right set of policies, procedures and rules. We prepare reports that are compliant with FDIC, GDPR, NIS and other standards.

Having worked with a range of fintech enterprises, we are equipped with the expertise to deal with the most complex cybersecurity challenges in the fintech industry with a holistic approach. From top-down compliance assessment to security audit of all the applications, endpoints, APIs, and web applications, we have a range of extensive services that cater to most fintech industry bottlenecks. 


was stolen from a fintech company last year


of fintech startups are under threat of cyber attacks


of fintech firms have experienced some form of cyber attack in 2022

Our Award-winning Services

SharkStrikers’s security services are designed to provide the vital assistance needed
to make tangible improvements to your organisation’s cyber security posture.

Why choose SharkStriker?

Award-winning MDR
Award-winning revolutionary MDR.
Full cycle incident
Full cycle incident response with unlimited incidents coverage.
Quick and hassle-free
Quick and hassle-free service deployment.
monitoring by SOC
24/7/365 monitoring by SOC team of cyber experts.
Proactive Threat Hunting
Proactive Threat Hunting, Threat Intelligence, Alert Analysis & Contextual Analysis.
Triage by Security
Triage by Security Experts through threat intelligence and library.
Guided Remediation
Guided Remediation, Log Collection & Retention for seamless compliance fulfillment .
Data and privacy
Data and privacy protection with continuous File Integrity Monitoring (FIM).

Drive businesses of the future with lightning-speed cybersecurity services 

Frequently Asked Question

  • What role does cybersecurity play in the fintech sector?
  • Why does a fintech organization require cybersecurity?
  • What are the legal compliances specific to the financial sector?
  • What is the pricing?
  • What are the unique values you get with SharkStriker?

Cybersecurity acts as the defense system for an organization’s IT infrastructure including endpoints, servers, applications, and cloud ecosystems connected to its network. It protects the organization from becoming a primary threat vector for state-sponsored bad actors, hacktivists, and ransomware attackers who are looking to steal valuable sensitive information.

For fintech organizations that are helping businesses transform digitally, cybersecurity protects their reputation by continuously defending them against evolving cyber threats and cybercriminals. It ensures that the enterprise’s most valuable data assets contain confidential, personal, and financial information such as bank account information, credentials, and transactional information. It secures the enterprise from reputational damage as a result of cyber attacks that could cost them valuable time and money. It involves real-time protection of the entire IT infrastructure through continuous monitoring, detection, identification, and response.

As the digital world grows and evolves, so do cyber attackers who continuously improve their methodology, making their attacks more sophisticated for standalone cybersecurity solutions to tackle.

SharkStriker ensures that your enterprise’s cybersecurity posture enhances through a comprehensive assessment of its cybersecurity. We blend human expertise with state-of-the-art technology to render lightning-speed cybersecurity with pinpoint precision. We engage in real-time monitoring, detection, and response to threats. Through tailored development of an incident response plan, we ensure that your enterprise is prepared for the most lethal cyberattacks. By deploying an all-pervasive eye of security over your IT infrastructure, we make sure that you run your enterprise stress-free from the fear of cyber attacks.

Fintech enterprises are carrying the torch of digital transformation by enabling businesses through a range of technological solutions across their organization. While they render these solutions, they also store a huge amount of financial and personal data. This data can be exposed to cyber criminals who might use that for personal gain or sell that data to another bad actor. Data breaches can cause huge reputational damage. Through cybersecurity services, they can protect their reputation with timely assessment through an overall enhancement of their cybersecurity posture.
SharkStriker’s services are compliant with GDPR, NIS Directive, OWASP, and other statutory and regulatory compliances.
For pricing and a custom quotation, we request you to contact our experts who can give you detailed information and assist you better.
Some of the unique values you get with us are as follows:
  • 24/7/365 SOC with cybersecurity experts, analysts, threat hunters, incident responders, and pen-testers
  • Full cycle incident response with unlimited incidents coverage
  • Network pen-testing
  • Proactive Threat Hunting Threat Intelligence and Threat analysis
  • Log Collection & Retention
  • File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Compliance friendly reports