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Understanding Compliance Management

While digitization continues to enable organizations to deliver efficient outcomes across different levels, they are also more vulnerable to sophisticated cyberattacks. To protect citizens’ sensitive personal information and to ensure the protection of organizations against cyber threats, many statutory and regulatory bodies have issued guidelines and regulations.These guidelines and regulations include some of the cybersecurity industry’s best practices that assist enterprises in combating the most immediate threats.

Compliance is not just limited to adhering to the statutory and regulatory guidelines (federal & local). It also encompasses setting cybersecurity benchmarks and incorporating the best policies, technological deployment, and rules to ensure cybersecurity. Since the threat landscape keeps evolving, compliance management is not a one-time process.It is a continual activity that every enterprise must engage in.

Why is it important?

The following are the benefits that our implementation services offer:

Empowers organization
Enhances cybersecurity posture.
Keeps organization up-to-date against the most recent threats.
Builds trust and reputation of the brand.
Trains staff about compliance through appropriate policies and procedures.
Helps in planning
Helps in policy creation through identification of existing vulnerabilities.
Gives a detailed picture of the existing cybersecurity posture.
Identifies security measures that are best suited for the long run.
Improves confidence to prepare strategic plans.
Enhances efficiency
Avoids disruption from attacks through implementation of measures.
Makes way for efficiency through the elimination of unwanted paperwork.
Prevents unwarranted penalization as a result of non-compliance.
Identifies and addresses insecure operations.
Secures data
Makes sure that the data is protected as per compliance guidelines
Takes measures to ensure data privacy and protection
Protects enterprises from data theft.
Monitors the integrity of data

Our Approach

We have a systematic approach to ensure top to bottom
compliance in organizations. The following is the process that
we engage in to ensure compliance.

  • Risk Assessment
  • Gap Assessment
  • Risk Treatment Plan
  • Implementation
  • Post Implementation Audit
  • Training & Awareness
In the first step, we conduct a top to bottom assessment of the cybersecurity posture of an organization’s IT infrastructure. We utilize offensive techniques to test their cyber defenses. Through this, we gain a complete idea of all the vulnerabilities and gaps in security.
We assess all the systems connected to their network, including their cloud and IoT ecosystems. Based on the overall security assessment, we create a comprehensive report that is compliance-friendly, stating all the vulnerabilities and measures to mitigate and treat them.
Risk Assessment
Once we understand the status quo cybersecurity posture, we conduct a compliance gaps assessment across different levels of the organization. Through this, we determine at what points the organization lags behind in compliance.
We create a gap assessment report consisting of all the steps an organization needs to take to fulfill compliance.
Gap Assessment
At this stage, we engage in comprehensive security consulting. Based on the gaps assessment, we create a risk treatment plan that encompasses all the systems, cloud ecosystems, and IoT environments.
It includes all the policies, rules, procedures, and measures to be implemented for complete compliance. We specify all the technological, security, and management controls for mitigating all the security and compliance risks in the risk treatment plan.
Post the preparation of the risk treatment plan, we engage in implementation. We deploy all the right set of technology, resources, and expertise that ensures that the plan is implemented effectively without any gaps.
It is the most critical step where all the policies, procedures, rules, and measures are implemented. We deploy all the technological, security, and managerial controls necessary to ensure compliance. We run awareness programs across different levels such that the plan is thoroughly understood by everyone. We train all the key personnel about their roles and responsibilities in the event of a cyber attack.
We assess the effectiveness of the implementation by conducting a post-implementation audit. It ensures no margin for error while implementing the risk treatment plan. We conduct mock audits periodically to check whether every key personnel is aware of their roles and responsibilities at the time of the incident.
Upon determining the non-implementation, vulnerabilities, and non-compliance, we take suitable measures to ensure 360-degree compliance across the organization.
Most of the cases of non-compliance root in human error which is caused due to lack of awareness and training. Therefore, we train all the key personnel and general staff on various aspects of compliance and all the security measures.
We train them to individually safeguard their internet usage and protect their organization from the risk of cyber attacks. We tailor training modules based on the roles and levels of the organization. It is a continuous process to ensure that human error is mitigated and there is 360-degree compliance with all the statutory regulations and guidelines.

Compliance We Cover

Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA)
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Protection of Personal Information (POPI)
National Electronic Security Authority (NESA)
ISO 27001
The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

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