Understanding POPI Compliance

Short for Protection of Personal Information Act, POPIA or POPI is equivalent to GDPR but specifically for South Africa. Since 1st July 2021, it has been mandatory for any company processing personal information in South Africa to abide by POPI compliance. Thus, it enforces an individual’s right to privacy. POPIA outlines some guidelines to process personal information and notify the right authority and individuals about any data breach.

Any business processing personal data needs to deploy appropriate necessary security measures to ensure compliance with South Africa’s POPI Act. It needs to regulate organizing, storing, and securing critical and sensitive personal information. The POPIA does not give any precise controls to become POPI compliant. Hence, the security measures that need to be implemented may differ from company to company, but the end goal is to secure personal information.

Failing to comply with POPI compliance can result in harsh financial and legal consequences. Additionally, there is also reputational damage that can hamper the trust and relationships with customers and stakeholders.


SharkStriker Approach

POPI Implementation

SharkStriker takes a 360° approach to help businesses achieve POPI compliance and stay that way. We cover the three major phases of ensuring robust cybersecurity to achieve compliance. These phases are:

POPI Monitoring

After achieving compliance, monitoring personal data is essential to stay POPI compliant. Hence, during the second phase of our POPI compliance services, we leverage our comprehensive tools for offering Managed Security Services that provide centralized visibility over data. Some of these managed services include:

  • SIEM-as-a-Service
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Service
  • SOC-as-a-Service
  • Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Tests

POPI Training

Training your employees is critical to reducing human errors and internal threats. Hence, we help provide user awareness training to abide by the POPI compliance plan. We also update your employees with all the relevant information about POPIA so that everyone stays well informed.

Why SharkStriker?

Compliance Specialists

SharkStriker’s compliance experts, having profound industry-specific knowledge, keep up with the constantly changing POPI compliance and regulations to ensure that your business consistently meets the latest regulations.

End-to-End Compliance

We understand that every organization’s security needs are unique. Hence, we don’t follow a single implementation approach. We conduct a thorough infrastructure assessment to identify your specific needs to comply with the POPI Act.

Comprehensive Range of Services

SharkStriker is a one-stop solution for all your cybersecurity requirements. Besides compliance services, we also offer assessment, logging, hunting, detection, response, etc., services that too through a single solution offering.

24×7 Monitoring

Our experts will monitor your cybersecurity infrastructure round the clock to ensure no compliance gaps. It also helps in continuous improvement, essential in today’s evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Make Your Business POPI Compliant Today