Decoding API Security

When it comes to access points from a hacker’s perspective, APIs are high on the list. The API framework is such that it makes a great target for hackers who want to get at application logic or other sensitive information. With SharkStriker API Penetration testing services, you will essentially be testing the server-side of your application for vulnerabilities residing in backend application logic and the API source code.

Having an insecure and incomplete API configuration is like inviting attackers to penetrate your network. While APIs are prevalent and ubiquitous to establish and enhance operational efficiencies, it is up to you to comprehend the attack surface and secure them. Our vast array of API tests and tools can help you reap the benefits of a secure API implementation, be it REST (Representational State Transfer) or SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol).

Decoding API Security

API Penetration Service Coverage

Optimizing the Potential of Continuous Penetration Testing For Every Need

At SharkStriker we deliver best-in-class penetration testing by maximizing coverage and ensuring each and every vulnerability is identified, checked for severity and the risk is mitigated effectively.

API Vulnerability Coverage

We are the Answer to Securing your APIs

SharkStriker’s API penetration testing service is configured to identify a broad range of API vulnerabilities, which are discovered with the use of both automated assessment and manual penetration testing. Our API penetration covers all vulnerabilities that are a part of the OWASPs top-ten list:

  • Broken Object Level Authorization

  • Broken User Authentication

  • Excessive Data Exposure

  • Lack of Resources & Rate Limiting

  • Broken Function Level Authorization

  • Mass Assignment

  • Security Misconfiguration

  • Injection

  • Improper Assets Management

  • Insufficient Logging & Monitoring

SharkStriker Methodology

vapt Reporting Standards-1859
vapt Reporting Standards-1859
vapt Reporting Standards-1859
The VAPT Process
API Penetration Testing VAPT

Data Gathering and Analysis

Our API VAPT testers use automated tools and techniques and combine them with their own manual expertise to get a thorough understanding of all APIs used by your organization and also third-party services.

API Penetration Testing VAPT

Configuration Evaluation

Our build and configuration team undertakes a systematic analysis of your APIs to identify vulnerabilities across the interface and its architecture through comparison with standardized baseline API settings.

API Penetration Testing VAPT

Vulnerability exploitation

Our ethical hackers get into the act to attack these vulnerabilities to judge the nature of these vulnerabilities and list them according to remediation priority.

API Penetration Testing VAPT

Reporting Vulnerabilities

A formal report is provided that fully documents the number of vulnerabilities, their seriousness, and any other information that will help understand them better.

API Penetration Testing VAPT

Remedial Action

We undertake action that helps plug security holes across your APIs and decrease the level of exposure and risks.

The SharkStriker Approach

We offer API penetration service that deliver holistic information on all the API weaknesses in an extremely planned manner that takes cognizance of each and every aspect of the interface, architecture and data flow.

Requirements Gathering

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Evaluation and Analysis

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SharkStriker Advantages

Team Expertise

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