Explore expert driven Managed Detection and Response (MDR)


Managed Detection and Response

Hunt threats with 24×7 monitoring and real-time response with MDR

Monitor, analyze, detect, and respond to threats in real time with an AI-driven human-led platform that renders round-the-clock (24/7/365) protection of all the endpoints, servers, networks, identities, and cloud environments in your network with MDR. Get unlimited incidence response for immediate, complex, and modern cyber attacks.


Managed Detection and Response (MDR) – Unique Features

360 Extensive Visibility
Gain a bird eye view of your IT infrastructure’s cybersecurity with 360 degree visibility.
24/7 Monitoring by SOC
Round the clock monitoring of IT infrastructure by a team of cybersecurity experts and analysts.
Proactive Threat Hunting
Our team engages in actively searching for undetected or unknown threats in analyzing the internal and external network to stay two moves ahead of threat actors.
Threat Intelligence
We regularly update our comprehensive collection of feeds relating to threat actors for quick and super accurate response.
Alert Analysis
In depth analysis of alerts for greater focus on high priority threat response.
Contextual Analysis
Analysis of context information such as IP stack, URL and application reputation.
Triage by Security Experts
Analyzing and prioritizing incidents based on customer context for further course of action.
Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
Experts get to the root cause of an incident to prevent it from happening again.
Flexible Integrations
Integrates seamlessly with status quo IT infrastructure and current technological ecosystem.
Security Workflows
Our team of experts prepare detailed workflows for quick and automated response to all known threats.
Incident Response
Prepares the enterprise and limits damages during cyber attacks.
Guided Remediation
Renders step by step guidance for remediation from vulnerabilities
Log Collection & Retention
Collect logs from different sources for faster troubleshooting and compliance achievement.
File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)
Continuously monitors and analyzes all the critical digital assets for any signs of corruption or damage.
Vulnerability Management
Tests the IT infrastructure for security risks to secure it from attacks.
Security Awareness
Closes knowledge gaps on cybersecurity to mitigate human error based attacks.

A sneak peek into SharkStriker’s unique MDR platform based on ORCA philosophy

A dedicated 24/7/365, holistic security team you can trust

Deploy Holistic
Enhance your defenses with an AI-driven human-led platform that addresses the most modern, potent, and complex threats.
Seamless Strategic
Security Guidance
Step by step guidance by our team of experts who possess extensive experience in dealing with threats and vulnerabilities.
Round The Clock Monitoring
24/7 security for all endpoints, servers, devices and cloud environments in your network.
Dedicated Experts
Security Guidance
Our dedicated experts work with your team for the best course of action, addressing all your queries.

Why does your organization need MDR?

SharkStriker’s MDR possesses a resilient autonomous prevention engine based on the cloud. It acts as the first line of defense, combating adversaries such as threats and bad actors. Adding to this, it has automated attack visualization capabilities that are way ahead of regular MDRs. It makes the organization’s security a Gordian knot for bad actors through automated millisecond response action. 

Augmented Triaging Capabilities

MDR performs security audits and monitoring through OSINT data and CVE information.

It triages threats and vulnerabilities as per severity, offering context in incident investigation. It assists cyber security experts to test the threat environment better. It helps them to remediate and contain threats and controls the damage before it turns lethal.

Deploy experts and solutions that you can count on 

Threat expertise
Leverage the expertise of our analysts and threat hunters to proactively detect, categorize and respond to known and unknown threats.
Continuous Monitoring
MDR exercises round the clock security in action, preventing the organization from becoming a primary threat vector from bad actors.
Integrated Services
Our MDR service comes with a range of versatile services under one roof, assisting you in getting the best return on your existing security investment.
Instantaneous response
Powered by AI/ML and led by human experts, it can quickly respond to threats and mitigate the risks from delays to zero.

MDR Security Resources

MDR on Demand
Gain enterprise-specific insights directly from our experts through webinars. Close knowledge gaps on the subject matter of MDR as a service by simply watching our fully recorded webinar.
MDR Guide
If you are new to your industry or an established giant, staying informed with the most necessary information is essential. End your quest for answers through our guides.
MDR Response Data Sheet
Dive deep into the world of MDR through our extensive coverage of all the necessary information needed to bridge all awareness gaps for seamless decision-making and deployment.

Take your enterprise’s cybersecurity to the next level