NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Cybersecurity Framework

NIST compliance

NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Cybersecurity Framework

End-to-end NIST compliance management support for businesses in USA

Nist Framework

Understanding  NIST framework

The NIST cybersecurity framework designed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology is for organizations falling under the critical infrastructure category in the United States. It is for organizations on which the functioning of the United States depends heavily.

It provides a  basic set of guidelines comprising some security best practices to begin their journey toward a resilient cybersecurity posture. It consists of the five functions that give an organization a complete idea of integrating risk management strategies over time, covering the entire lifecycle.  It offers a systematic approach to cybersecurity providing means to mitigate the impact of cyber threats and attacks on people, processes, and systems.

What makes it comprehensive and highly inclusive is the fact that it includes cybersecurity awareness and provides an effective strategy for cybersecurity risks. It provides detailed guidance on communicating about cybersecurity among internal and external stakeholders in organizations, whether small, medium-sized organizations or an enterprise.

It is subjected to organizations that rely heavily on  technology such as Information Technology, Industrial Control Systems (ICT), cyber-physical systems, or the Internet of Things  (IoT)

NIST Framework

The following are the main aspects of this framework

Identify critical enterprises processes and assets
Document information flows
Maintain hardware and software inventory
Establish policies for cybersecurity that include roles and responsibilities
Identify threats, vulnerabilities, and risks to assets
Test and update detection programs
Maintain and monitor logs
Know the expected data flows for your enterprise
Understand the impact of cybersecurity events
Test and update detection programs
Maintain and monitor logs
Know the expected data flows for your enterprise
Understand the impact of cybersecurity events
Ensure response plants are tested
Ensure response plans are updated
Coordinate with internal and external stakeholders
Communicate with internal and external stakeholders
Ensure recovery plans are updated
Manage public relations and company reputation

SharkStriker Approach

SharkStriker believes in offering holistic end-to-end services for compliance based on a lifecycle approach. Our compliance consultants will provide you with the much-needed support and guidance for the entire phase of their NIST compliance achievement. Additionally, we provide support for external audits.

  • 01
    This involves drawing the scope of the compliance management process. It would encompass all the processes, assets, and technology to be covered and we understand the business context in which they are going to be implemented.
  • 02
    Gap assessment
    We engage in a top-down assessment of their IT infrastructure for gaps in cybersecurity and compliance. We identify and categorize all the inherent risks across all the levels of the organization.
  • 03
    Risk Treatment
    Post identification and categorization of risk across different levels in the organization, we engage in the creation of a risk treatment plan. It comprises all the measures for the treatment of all the cybersecurity and compliance risks categorized across different levels.
  • 04
    Next, we implement the risk treatment plan with the right people, processes, and technology based on the correct business context to bridge all the gaps identified across different levels and stated in the risk treatment plan.
  • 05
    Post implementation Audit
    Once we implement the risk treatment plan the next thing is to ensure that it is implemented without any errors. For this, we engage in post-implementation audits to ensure that the implementation goes smoothly and all the unaddressed aspects are catered to.
  • 06
    Training and awareness
    One of the biggest challenges to compliance achievement is a lack of awareness. Therefore to bridge all the awareness gaps in the organization we prepare training and awareness modules and programs.

How can we help you with the NIST cybersecurity framework?

The NIST cybersecurity framework provides organizations with a comprehensive view of the impact of cybersecurity on people, processes, and technology. It offers a good combination of some of the best practices in security to be secured against some of the most sophisticated threats of modern-day digital space.

It provides a means to foster communication among internal and external stakeholders.

If your business is subject to NIST guidelines and you are looking for a company that offers expertise in both cybersecurity and compliance, then SharkStriker is just for you.  

Based on a comprehensive assessment of your IT infrastructure for cybersecurity and compliance risks, we prepare a detailed risk treatment plan that addresses all of them with the requisite guidelines recommended in the NIST.

Our end-to-end services ensure that your United States-based organization keeps up with the changes in NIST compliance. We provide your organization with the much-needed people, processes, and technology to ensure a smooth compliance journey.

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