Cybersecurity for Government

Cybercrime spares no one and the data available in government organizations is a prized asset amongst cybercriminals. Most public sector companies are in possession of extremely confidential information, the loss of which will can cause large-scale disruption to public services or result in more such instances of chaos that will be hard to bring into control.

At SharkStriker, we understand the need for taking proactive action that keeps state and local government organizations protected from all kinds of cyberthreats. 24/7 security operations, with an eye on budget are needed to protect your interests, and our managed security services are the answer.

Cybersecurity for Government

Security Challenges

MDR focus

Governments are finding it difficult to address the many security challenges they are facing. Despite the growing cybersecurity spending, many of the government organizations are unable to find an answer to all unconventional threats levelled at their network perimeter. SharkStriker has the answers.

  • Securing public infrastructure systems

  • Securing extremely critical information/data from malicious actors

  • Securing legacy, as well as, new-age technologies

  • Keeping track of growing attack surfaces and vulnerabilities

  • Ensuring zero disruption of essential services and operations in case of attack

  • Meeting demanding compliance standards

Our Expertise

Compliance Requirements

With plenty of experience of working on improving the cybersecurity infrastructure for organizations across the retail sector, SharkStriker is best placed to solve your needs. Our approach to securing your business’s network and endpoint is not generic. It is tailor made keeping in mind the specific requirements of the retail sector and focuses on helping your business meet the requirements of the toughest regulatory compliances, including GDPR, PCI DSS and ISO-27001.

The SharkStriker Approach

How We Deliver Cybersecurity Solutions for Transport Sector

Intelligence Gathering

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Evaluation and Analysis

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Building a Plan of Action

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Solutions Deployment

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Best-In-Class MDR, XDR, SIEM, VAPT, Cloud Security, Firewall Services

SharkStriker Advantages

Team Expertise

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