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Experience 360 degree PCI DSS compliance

With SharkStriker, you needn’t worry about your organization’s compliance with PCI DSS with professional services that are dedicated to the fulfillment of compliance. We are backed by a team of cybersecurity compliance consultants and cyber experts who will seamlessly assist you in meeting the most immediate compliance requirements.


Understanding PCI DSS Compliance

Trust is the most important factor that is forming decisions for customers globally in the retail industry. An increased number of retail organizations are deploying new forms of experiences in the form of technology. For the protection of data exchanged at the point of sale (PoS), PCI Security Standards Council devised a set of guidelines and regulations in 2006 to establish security in payments processing. It is applicable to entities that deal with Cardholder Data (CHD) and Sensitive Authentication Data (SAD)

It becomes important whom you choose as your qualified security assessor (QSA) because they are responsible for carrying out a range of roles during PCI DSS assessment. SharkStriker comprises compliance consultants and cyber security experts with industry experience to provide you with seamless PCI DSS compliance. We render continuous support and guidance for the entire compliance execution. We ensure that there is no margin for error from verification of all the technical information to checking whether the standards are met.

PCI Compliance Requirements

The PCI SCC has specified a range of requirements in the PCI DSS, that are to be followed by organizations to enhance their data protection. 

There are a total of 12 requirements distributed across six categories that are to be fulfilled by organizations in order to become PCI DSS compliant

PCI DSS Objective
PCI DSS Requirements
Build and Protect a Secure Network
Install and maintain a firewall to protect cardholder data
Avoid using vendor’s default values for device password and other security parameters
Protect Cardholder Data
Protect stored cardholder data
Encrypt cardholder data transmission over public networks
Create a Vulnerability Management Program
Use and regularly update anti-virus software
Build and maintain secure apps and systems
Apply Strong Access Control Measures
Limit cardholder data access as per requirements
Assign unique identity to users accessing systems
Regularly Monitor and Test Networks
Monitor and track all access to network and cardholder data
Regularly test security systems and processes
Create Information Security Policy
Establish information security policy for all employees and contractors

SharkStriker Approach

SharkStriker takes a comprehensive life cycle approach that can help you implement and maintain all the requirements. Our experts have industry-specific knowledge to help entities of all sizes and across sectors. The following are the various phases that we engage in to ensure complete compliance with PCI DSS:

  • Defining the scope
  • Gap assessment
  • Preparing a risk treatment plan
  • Implementation
  • Post implementation audit
  • Training and awareness

Defining the scope

This is the very first step where we understand the various requirements and all the systems that process data for preparing the scope of the compliance plan.
PCI DSS Gap & Risk Assessment
Development of Policies and Procedures
Data and asset classification
Defining the scope

Gap assessment

Once we are done defining the scope, we conduct a gap assessment to determine the existing gaps in compliance and vulnerabilities that are to be taken care of.
Vulnerability assessments
Penetration testing
Risk assessment
Firewall assessment

Preparing a risk treatment plan

Post gap assessment, we define various policies, procedures, controls and measures that are to be implemented in a comprehensive risk treatment plan.
Managed Security Solutions (Endpoint, Network and Cloud)
Incident Response Management
24/7/365 threat hunting,detection and response


This is the most critical step where the risk treatment plan is implemented with the right experts making sure that everything goes exactly as planned. We deploy the necessary technological solutions that are led by human experts to increase the cybersecurity posture of your organization significantly.
Customized Managed Security Services
SharkStriker MDR

Post implementation audit

After the implementation we conduct an audit to check if all the measures are taken correctly and all the controls are rightly implemented with the right technology. If gaps are found, we take remedial measures to treat them.

Training and awareness

Since many of the data breaches are caused by exploitation of vulnerabilities that arise out of human error, we engage in training and awareness. We create the right set of training modules and awareness programs that raise awareness amongst all the employees and provide the right set of information to the key people.

How can SharkStriker Help You with PCI DSS Compliance?

When you have a team of experts in cybersecurity and cybersecurity compliance, non compliance or high fines from non compliance wouldn’t be a cause of concern anymore. 

We have worked with organizations of small, medium and large scale across industries. This is the main reason why we are better equipped with the knowledge, expertise and technology much needed to solve the most sophisticated bottlenecks in the realm of cybersecurity compliance. 

With SharkStriker, you can seamlessly comply with the various statutory and regulatory compliance requirements such that it enhances your cybersecurity posture such that it can combat the most sophisticated threats. 

Be PCI DSS compliant with SharkStriker