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Cybersecurity deployment & implementation services

Step into the digital future, tension-free from cyber threats with cybersecurity of tomorrow Channel our expertise in cybersecurity to implement the best industry practices and technology that is future-ready without worries about cyber threats. Fulfill compliance 


Understanding Deployment & Implementation 

Businesses today have to keep up with the rapidly changing technological environment.  More enterprises are adopting new technologies, giving birth to more efficient operating models.They are embracing new digital ecosystems such as IoT and Cloud that are efficient and provide central control to their operations, boosting their efficiency significantly across different levels. 

However, these technologies, if not implemented rightly, may pose a significant threat to their IT infrastructure. Cybercriminals have become more sophisticated with offensive techniques to infiltrate cyber defenses. Implementation seems like an unsolvable puzzle without the right expertise and technology. SharkStriker helps you solve that by recommending some of the best practices in cybersecurity along with the right technology for deployment. Our implementation services include the deployment of the right set of security measures that make the transition to IoT and Cloud ecosystems safer. 


Why Cybersecurity Deployment & Implementation?

The following are the benefits that our implementation services offer:

Builds impregnable defense
Effective implementation of the device, network, Cloud, and IoT security measures.
Covers OT and IT systems security.
360-degree enhancement of cybersecurity posture.
The right set of configurations across all security solutions.
Enhances cyber resilience
Through continues monitoring, instantaneous detection, and quick response.
Deeployment of the right technology.
Implementation of correct security measures based on industry best practices.
Improves response
Reconfiguration of security solutions and rules based on threat categorization.
Increased awareness of cyber risks and measures through training.
Comprehensive response plan for cyber attacks.
Seamless operation
It prevents disruption caused by cyberattack.
Deployment of the right set of identify and access management policies.
Assists in accurate execution
Incident response planning.
Business strategy planning.
Empowers organization
Builds trust through seamless fulfillment of compliance and enhanced security.
It protects all of the critical data assets of an enterprise.
Saves revenue and protects the reputation of an organization.

Our Approach

Implementation is the most critical part of cybersecurity posture enhancement. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure no margin of error. Implementation driven by experts with extensive industry experience mitigates the probability of human error.

SharkStriker’s cybersecurity experts implement the right set of security measures, rules, policies, and procedures deploying the right technology based on industry best practices that suit scope, size, OT, Cloud, loT, and IT systems. We take a systematic approach to implementation from start to finish. We follow the below steps for effective implementation:

  • Security Assessment
  • Risk Treatment Plan
  • Implementation
  • Post-implementation audit
The foremost step of implementation is an extensive assessment of an enterprise’s status quo cybersecurity. It involves a thorough assessment of all the endpoints, servers, applications, remote devices, IoT, and Cloud ecosystems across your IT infrastructure of vulnerabilities and weak points that can be exploited by threat actors.
We engage in the categorization of threats as per their severity which enables us to prepare suitable measures to remediate them. It is a critical step that tells us where the enterprise stands in terms of cybersecurity and gives us a clear idea of what steps, policies, rules, procedures, and technology to implement.
We also assess how each individual interacts with technology and their roles and responsibilities for better framing of access management policies. All the compliance-related assessments are also made at this stage.
Security Assessment
Based on the information we receive on the status quo security and all the security risks in the systems, we prepare a risk treatment plan.
A risk treatment plan is a detailed plan that defines the policies, procedures, technology, roles, and responsibilities to be implemented for treating security risks in an enterprise. It is a critical component of augmenting the enterprise’s cybersecurity posture since it defines how the course of action will be taken in implementation.
Once it is prepared, it is documented and distributed across different levels of the organization for easy access at times when digital copies may be unavailable(eg: during a breach).
Risk Treatment Plan
Once we frame the risk treatment plan, we take steps for implementation. It involves deploying the right set of technology, resources, and expertise.
At this stage, we implement all the policies, rules, and procedures in line with the risk treatment plan. It is the step that involves a lot of assessments and analysis. Therefore, experts ensure that there is no error or gaps during the execution of this step.
We prepare training modules and material. We also run awareness programs at each level to mitigate human error to ensure that the implementation process is well received by all.
Post-implementation, we run an organizational audit to measure the effectiveness of implementation.We look for gaps in implementation by running security audits post-implementation of patches, new rules, and policies in all the network, device, cloud, and IoT security systems.
We also check if there are any prevalent signs of non-compliance across different levels of the organization by running compliance audits.
Once the gaps are identified in security and compliance, we recommend steps for remediation. We re-run the awareness campaigns for comprehensive mitigation of human errors to negligible and to ensure that there is wholesome execution of the risk treatment plan.
Post-implementation audit

We Cover

360 degree security assessment
Gaps assessments in security
Development of risk treatment plan
Implementation of industry best practices, technology and resources
Extensive assessment of cybersecurity posture
Post implementation audit

Be digital transformation ready with the cybersecurity of the future