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Understanding GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a range of policies and regulations for the protection of data  and privacy rights of the citizens. Its main objective is to safeguard their citizens from the threat of cyber criminals who are either state sponsored or monetarily driven to steal data that is sensitive, personal and financial in nature. Increased number of organizations, whether small or big businesses, have become vulnerable to risk of noncompliance since the EU keeps updating GDPR compliance.

SharkStriker offers a range of cybersecurity compliance services that covers all the day to day as well as long term GDPR compliance related challenges. Build trust by safeguarding all of your customers’ data and privacy rights while complying to the guidelines set by the EU for data with our range of professional compliance services. We ensure that your organization gets everything for a complete fulfillment of GDPR compliance. 

We cover a range of requirements stipulated by the EU such as:

GDPR Security Requirement

Article 5
Article 5 states a set of regulations that ensure secure use of personal data and lists various measures to protect the data against unlawful usage, processing, publication, loss or damage.
Article 32
This article specifies to ensure availability, confidentiality, integrity and protection of data processing systems. Secure your information processing systems (IPS) with periodic testing, assessment and evaluation.
Article 33
To implement processes that quickly detect, investigate and respond to data breaches and report them to the concerned authorities.
Article 35
Article 35 directs to conduct Data Processing Impact Assessments across all the processing operations for protection of personal data. div>

Steps You Can Take to Comply with the GDPR

You can take the below-mentioned steps or approach to make compliance with GDPR more manageable

Assess all the different data sources regardless of their nature – whether temporary or permanent, where all of the sensitive information is stored, across all of your storage technologies and evaluate them for potential risks. Once all the potential vulnerabilities and risks are identified, take measures to secure all the sources of data.
Categorize data based on names, ID numbers and other unique identifiers. This will help you to assess the data seamlessly. You can use data automation tools to identify vast sets of data. Once you are done identifying all the sources of data, categorize them as per their importance and plan out strategies to secure them.
Establish data governance upon identification of data based on their sensitivity, relevance and importance. Set policies to enforce privacy and protection of data. Monitor data continuously and check for violation of the set rules. Set roles and apply Zero Trust policy when it comes to access. Prevent any unauthorized access to the data by setting roles and applying Zero Trust policy to data access.
Use end to end encryption and data protection techniques to secure your most sensitive data assets. Maintain a balance between ease of access to data and its security.
Create awareness among all of your employees regarding the various threats to data security by conducting mock audits and training sessions on the subject matter of data protection at individual level. Training is just one step, what you need for ensuring wholesome compliance to GDPR is establishing a culture of awareness on the matters of data security and protection. Ensure that the awareness programs encompass all the departments of the organization. Take steps to make sure that all the key personnel across different levels are aware about the varied risks to data security.
Engage in a comprehensive audit of your organization’s cybersecurity posture such that you get an idea where you are lagging behind in terms of GDPR compliance. Do so by hiring a team of cybersecurity compliance experts who is well versed in taking all the measures necessary to ensure GDPR compliance. Being compliant with GDPR involves presenting a detailed report to regulatory bodies and complying to various guidelines stipulated in GDPR . This usually means ensuring full awareness of all data storage sources and possession of the right security solutions and plan to combat data breaches and attacks.

Minimize Your GDPR Compliance Risk with SharkStriker

Take advantage of SharkStriker’s dedicated services for GDPR compliance to minimize your risks arising from non compliance through 360 degree enhancement of your cybersecurity posture. We possess a team of cybersecurity experts and compliance consultants who engage in a range of services that fill your organization’s compliance gaps. 

Through compliance risk assessment, gaps analysis, internal auditing and assistance with external audits, SharkStriker leaves no margin for error when it comes to compliance. Our services can offer you with the following advantages:

360-degree compliance to GDPR guidelines.
Thorough guidance in the subject matter of compliance from consultants.
Enhanced cybersecurity posture and compliance friendly reports.
Round the clock monitoring, identification and response to threats.
Routine security checks and increased awareness in employees through training.
Greater data protection management with the right policies and controls
Implementation of compliance specific technological tools
Review of GDPR implementation and Internal audit

How can we Help You with our
GDPR Compliance Services?

Ensure seamless GDPR compliance with SharkStriker’s compliance services. We conduct a top to bottom assessment of cyber security posture and look for gaps in compliance in your organization through a set of measures.  Once we get detailed information on all the risks and vulnerabilities that your IT infrastructure is exposed to, we create a risk treatment plan.

Based on the risk assessment, we devise policies,procedures and recommendations that assist you in meeting all of the guidelines stipulated in GDPR. We run a post implementation audit to check for loopholes and gaps prior to implementation to ensure complete compliance. Complying with these regulations helps in building trust and loyalty towards your brand.

Become GDPR compliant with SharkStriker