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Understanding ORCA from sharkstriker

With our experience in the cybersecurity domain, we recognize the need for next-gen cybersecurity services to enhance cyber resilience and stop threats at the door. But what’s even more important is to seamlessly deploy these cybersecurity services and also manage them, so that your internal team can focus on activities other than cybersecurity. SharkStriker’s end-to-end deployment of cybersecurity services is driven by our ORCA approach that aims to offer the full spectrum of security capabilities in a unified manner from a single platform.

Let’s dig a little deeper into ORCA to understand the whole model better.

The ORCA Philosophy

It’s a battle out there. Cybercriminals are hunting for vulnerabilities to exploit and get into your organizational network. All your tech adoption is disrupting your cybersecurity posture and increasing the attack surface. But digital transformation is what will propel process efficiency and allows you to compete amidst cut throat competition.

So, what do you do? What is the solution?

Enter ORCA.

Cybercriminals are sharks who attack vulnerable networks. They aren’t scared of the repercussions, because they think the constantly changing and updated attack tactics will breach all security. What’s more, they are ensuring their attacks become even more sophisticated day-by-day.

But if sharks are scared of one thing it is the killer whale or Orca. This is why we have our platform to put the fear of unbreachable cybersecurity in the minds of attackers. The ORCA philosophy revolves around thinking like an attacker and approaching cybersecurity from the attacker’s perspective and not taking things for granted.

The ORCA Approach

Like we mentioned earlier, sharks are scared of the Great Whale or Orca. Think of the cyberthreats your organization faces as sharks. Our ORCA approach uses an adversarial mindset delivering all-round protection to your organization. ORCA is a unique cybersecurity solution that centers on the ORCA approach, technology and experts and rests on the following pillars:

  • Observe
  • Response
  • Compliance
  • Awareness


We use 24/7 incident monitoring to identify suspicious and anomalous behavior that will require further investigation and get an in-depth understanding of the ever-evolving threat landscape and vulnerabilities across an organization’s network. This helps us apply more context to the investigation and enables the detection of each and every threat. Our Cybersecurity experts use tools and tactics such as SIEM alerts, Traffic Analysis, Application Performance Monitoring, Threat Intelligence, Incident Triage and a whole lot more to get a better understanding of all activities on the network, and conduct root cause analysis of all threats.


This is the phase when we move beyond observation and analysis to responding to attacks. Merely detecting threats is not enough; it is imperative that the threats are responded to, before they harm the network in any way or form. Our SOC analyses and triages all incoming security alerts and after identifying a credible threat puts in motion a series of response actions quickly and effectively.


Now we move beyond, monitoring, detection, prevention and action. Compliance is one of the most critical aspects of a security program. With compliance organizations can adhere to the highest industry standards for building and deploying powerful cybersecurity programs. Our Cybersecurity experts ensure that you have implemented all security controls to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of organizational data. Some of the capabilities we offer to ensure strong compliance includes FIM, Logging and Reporting, Security Auditing and Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration.


An organization stays protected because of an ingrained Security culture. Yes, threat detection, remediation and compliance are all very important, but what keeps an organization protected from cyberattacks is a cybersecurity culture that bolsters the security posture of the organization. No, this isn’t only about pushing the right policies and configuring the firewall appropriately, it is also about your employees maintaining comprehensive cyber hygiene and not falling prey to social engineering attacks. SharkStriker’s all-round cybersecurity services include security awareness and training that educates employees about the cybersecurity landscape. Cybersecurity training ensures they are more aware of the threats to their organization than ever before, and can take the right decisions when it comes to increasing cyber resilience and reducing risks.

The SharkStriker Platform

SharkStriker’s platform built with an adversarial mindset delivering all-round protection to the organization including proactive protection, automated detection, machine learning-based response, threat intelligence, incident management, compliance management, and security awareness. You leverage the advantage of a layered security approach through multiple security services delivered from a single platform

Sharkstriker Platform features:

  • Multitenant, horizontally scalable, and resilient architecture for Cloud-based or On-premise deployment
  • Scientifically built on scalable Data Lake to ingest data from any type of source in real-time
  • An integrated actionable Cyber Security System mapped to MITRE ATT&CK framework to enhance SysOps operations
  • Curated analyst-friendly investigation workflows for SecOps team
  • ML-based endpoint protection with an autonomous agent built for speed and stops threats at the earliest stages of the attack
  • Automated attack visualization with root cause analysis (EDR)
  • Comprehensive automated Intel-driven, Analytics-driven, and Adversary-driven threat hunting (EDR)
  • Live and Retrospect threat hunting by going through rich metadata and retrospective analysis (EDR)
  • Real-time, automated responses in milliseconds for detection deeper in the attack lifecycle (EDR)
  • ML-based automate detection with ATT&CK®-aligned rules (Next-Gen SIEM)
  • Surface anomalies with machine learning (Next-Gen SIEM)
  • Holistic contextual data analysis across the environment (Next-Gen SIEM)
  • Ecosystem of the host, network, and cloud data connectors (Next-Gen SIEM)
  • Threat Intelligence (Commercial and Community)
  • Security Incident Response Platform (SIRP) for rapid triage and investigation
  • Automated Compliance Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Phishing Simulator and Security Awareness Training

Cybersecurity Experts

Our platform is managed by an expert team of cybersecurity professionals who keep a check on all the security services provided by the platform. Deep diving into threat detection, they investigate all threats that have been red-flagged and deploy remedial action that helps keep these threats at bay. They are on your case 24/7 making sure that your organization stays safe from all advanced known and unknown threats.


One platform – multiple cybersecurity services. This in essence is the way forward in today’s highly complex cybersecurity scenario.


Complete Visibility, Continuous Monitoring
& Advanced Threat Protection with
AI-backed Incident Remediation.

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