Why Go For MDR Service Provider Rather Than MSSP?

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Why Go For MDR Service Provider Rather Than MSSP?

Many businesses have done a considerate allocation of a budget investment in their parameter and end point protections. This resources alone need to be accompanied by the human interaction for effective an efficiency delivery of the required output. The threat environment due to its sophisticated nature has made business seek for service provider who can guarantee immediate detection and response in line with SIEM services which have become cumbersome, complex and costly especially this time of pandemic.

To fully have a robust security mechanism, companies/business need to have a security operation centre (SOC) that embrace the managed detection response [MDR] services. This provide a great focus than the traditional managed security service provider [MSSP] of threat detection and response which is efficiency, effective and pocket friendly. Though MSSP claim to provide similar service like MDR, they fall short of continuous monitoring, alert and detection and this leave entities exposed to vulnerabilities hence MDR continue being the business preference. Likewise, MDR not only relieve the cost and time of monitoring by the organizational IT derpatment, but has more functionalities than MSSP.

Its functions have been categories differently for ease of business respond in case of any failure of action. This help in easy identification of which resources threats are more likely to affect and provide a continuous monitoring by providing automated services 24/7 which includes:

Threat Hunting

  • Provide Realtime threat detection & monitoring
  • AI powered natural language query chatbot
  • Audit running processes, network events, registry hives and discover persistence
  • Automatic memory analysis
  • Incident investigation & response
  • Automated response
  • Isolate hosts
  • Delete, upload and execute files

Compliance Management

  • Log and event data collection
  • File integrity monitoring
  • Host vulnerability detection
  • Configuration assessment and policy monitoring
  • Security controls for compliance [PCI, NIST, GDPR]

Vulnerability Management [VAPT]

  • Host vulnerability assessment

Incident Investigation Responses

  • Automated response
  • Isolate hosts
  • Kill process
  • Automated file quarantine
  • Suspension of threats execution

The mentioned MDR services have been tailored well to suit any organizational critical infrastructure while MSSP just follow the same framework in different working environment. Despite of existing tools in your organization for threat detection and response, MDR will add more other tools with different functionalities and expertise while with SMMP you have to bring/add them separately. The data integrity is very important and as observed above MDR is compliance with the available standards.

MSSP are not capable of performing in depth analysis with their limited capabilities and can give a ‘fatigue result’ – false positive, while MDR have more functionalities and added tools whom they can perform more function and give in depth results.

With MDR, any organization can benefit from this service because they provide detection capability from parameter to end point. If the organization is having a large pool of employee, most of the vulnerabilities are can be found at the endpoint with employee laptops or computers. This are the potential attack surface and potential threats target hence with this added capability, they provide cost relieve by rather demanding you find other security tools for endpoint.

The implementation of MDR can be done by the organization SOC team or you get a third-party service provide who is knowledgeable enough on endpoint security to do it for the said company or business. The budgetary allocation will not be strained because what you have done is the provision of services at one central point, hence making others resources less strained and comfortable than before.


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