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ISO 27001

Understanding ISO 27001 Compliance

An Increasing number of organizations are looking to step up their cybersecurity game to build customer and stakeholder trust, improve experiences and build brand loyalty. The international organization of standardization has released some of the best practices to secure information and enhance their Information Security Management System’s effectiveness.

The ISO/IEC 27001: 2022 comprises a set of standards and a framework that provides organizations with detailed guidance on information security and management of information security management systems. It helps organizations to augment their cybersecurity through increased resilience and better cyber threat mitigation efforts.

ISO 27001 Clauses and Controls

ISO 27001 has stipulated ten clauses that are to be complied with for the protection of data and information. They also provide a detailed guide on the management and implementation of information security management systems. The clauses 0 to 3 provide an introduction to the ISO 27001 standard whereas 4-12 define minimal requirements for certification.

ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 Annex A Controls

ISO 27001 standards have also given a list of guidelines and controls for increasing the information security of an organization. It is not compulsory for all the organizations to comply to this standard but implementing them might benefit the organization with augmented information security since these controls are based on industry best practices. 

Here’s the list of the control sets mentioned in ISO 27001 Annex A.

A Controls
Information Security Policies
Organisation of information security
Human resource security
Asset management
Regularly test security systems and processes
Physical and environmental security
Operations security
Communications security
System acquisition, development, and maintenance
Supplier relationships
Information security incident management
Information security aspects of business continuity management
General Compliance

SharkStriker Approach

SharkStriker possesses a team of cybersecurity consultants and cyber experts who ensure that there is 360 degree compliance through our resources, expertise and compliance services that involve a systematic approach from start to finish. The following is the process we follow to ensure ISO 27001 compliance:

  • Defining the scope
  • Gap assessment
  • Preparing a risk treatment plan
  • Implementation
  • Post implementation audit
  • Training and awareness

Defining the scope

In the first step we try to gather all the information about the various components of the infrastructure and the technology deployed for information security. We do this to prepare a detailed scope of the compliance plan.
ISO 27001 Gap and Risk Assessment
Development of rules, measures, policies and procedures
Classification of assets and data
Defining the scope

Gap assessment

After determining the scope, we conduct a top to bottom gap assessment to analyze the various vulnerabilities in information security and gaps in compliances.
Vulnerability assessments
Penetration testing
Risk assessment
Firewall assessment

Preparing a risk treatment plan

We prepare a risk treatment plan by defining a comprehensive list of procedures, measures and policies that are to undertaken.
Managed Security Solutions (Endpoint, Network and Cloud)
Incident Response Management
24/7/365 threat hunting,detection and response


At the most critical step, we deploy the right set of expertise, resources and human led technology to ensure that the risk treatment plan is implemented effectively without any failure.
Customized Managed Security Services
SharkStriker MDR

Post implementation audit

To make sure that not even a single margin of error is left out, we conduct a thorough post implementation audit. In case of any gaps, remedial measures are taken to treat them.

Training and awareness

The underlying cause of major data breaches is rooted in the exploitation of vulnerabilities raised via human errors. This is the reason why we create training programs dedicated towards information security. We also offer learning material that ensures that all of your employees possess the right information and awareness about information security.

ISO 27001 Benefits

Protect Your Data
Protect Your Data
An ISMS that is ISO 27001 compliant follows international best practices for optimal data protection.
Reduce Security Costs
Reduce Security Costs
Lacking an ISMS might require you to implement additional defensive layers that might not even work.
Protect Your Data
Reduce Security Costs
Enhance Cybersecurity Resilience
Strengthen Security Posture
Enhance Cybersecurity Resilience
Enhance Cybersecurity Resilience
Deploying an ISO 27001-compliant ISMS will increase your protection, detection, and response capabilities to make your cybersecurity resilient.
Strengthen Security Posture
Strengthen Security Posture
ISMS constantly adapts to changing and evolving risks to build a robust security posture.

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