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Incident Response services for businesses in the United Arab Emirates

Our team of expert incident responders assists businesses in the United Arab Emirates to mitigate the loss from the outcome of cyber-attacks through steps for containment, timely damage control and recovery.

incident Response

Types of incidents covered

Regardless of the severity and sophistication of the threat, we devise strategies that effectively control the damage and protect all critical assets. The following are some of the common types of attacks that we cover :

Intellectual property theft (IP) THEFT
Intellectual property theft
Cybercriminals or state-sponsored bad actors may steal ideas, trademarks, inventions, patents, trade secrets, or any form of information-sensitive information of an enterprise for self-gain.
Financially motivated Cyber Attacks CRIME
Financially motivated Cyber Attacks
Most cyber-attacks are financially motivated attacks where attackers may try to steal critical financial information such as bank information, and card information, or engage in extortion through ransomware, and extortionware.
Destructive Cyber Attacks
Cyber Attacks
This could range anything from a deadly DDoS attack where an attacker tries to bombard an application with high traffic to social engineering-based phishing attacks or malware attacks that may disrupt business operations causing high risks to the business.
Data breaches are aimed at penetrating the organization’s defenses to steal sensitive information of any kind be it personally identifiable (PII) or personal health information (PHI) or financial information which further can be exposed to unauthorized parties.

Why should you consider SharkStriker’s Incident Response (IR)?

Our IR approach blends the expertise of our threat hunters, incident responders, and cyber security experts with cutting-edge AI/ML-driven SIEM and MDR platforms that help in continuously monitoring, detecting, analyzing, and containing threats. 

The following are the unique values offered by Sharkstriker’s IR:

Quick & Efficient response
Quick & Efficient response
SharkStriker’s team of tech-enabled experts work 24×7 for 365 days to continuously monitor, detect, analyze and eliminate threats efficiently. This helps organizations to save time and money involved in combating threats with little to no business interruptions.
Human-driven tech-enabled threat intelligence
Human-driven tech-enabled threat intelligence
With AI/ML driven technology, threat library, and threat lab coupled with experience, our threat intel team analyses and identifies bad actors within a threat landscape to come up with quick remediation and containment.
Tailored Approach
Tailored Approach
Our technological solutions blend in seamlessly with your current IT infrastructure encompassing all the devices, switches, servers, and cloud applications. We build a comprehensive response and mitigation action plan that covers all of your status quo resources and assets so you needn’t worry about any loose ends.
Cutting-edge technological tools
Cutting-edge technological tools
SharkStriker utilizes some of the most cutting-edge technologies like SOAR integrated SIEM that continuously scans the threat landscape for anomalies and threats and automatically responds to alerts. Further, our experts set the rules, develop patches and generate reports based on the categorization of threats that can be used for future prevention of breaches.

The SharkStriker approach

We take a unique approach that blends the accuracy of cutting edge technology and the expertise of human experts. We follow a systematic approach to renders.

Immediate Discovery
Fast Start & Remediation
Cost Effective
Breach and Discovery
Breach and Discovery icon
Breach and
IR Start
IR Start icon
IR Start
Visibility icon
IR Finished Remediated
IR Finished Remediated icon
IR Finished

Why SharkStriker ?

One of the reasons why you should consider getting incident response as service from SharkStriker is because of our unique approach to incident response. 

Our team blends human-led threat intelligence and experience with revolutionary technological tools such as SIEM and MDR that allow us to catch the perpetrators based on Indicators of Compromise (IOC) and Indicators of Risk (IOR). 

These tools are integrated with User Entity Behavior Analytics, Security Orchestration, and Automated Response allowing you to be a step ahead in terms of cybersecurity. Take a proactive approach to threat striking with SharkStriker!

Frequently Asked Question

  • What is the incident response?
  • What is a security incident?
  • How should you respond to a security incident?
  • What is an incident response plan?
  • What should an incident response plan include?
Incident response is an enterprise’s strategy to respond, control damage and protect critical assets of an enterprise in the event of a cyberattack. SharkStriker’s team of expert incident responders assist you in preparing seamless IR plans specific to your enterprise. Get in touch with our experts for pricing and more information.
A security incident is any kind of unauthorized activity that poses as a harm to all the sensitive information, operations and resources of an enterprise. It can vary in terms of severity but the nature remains the same. The prime motive behind any unauthorized security incident may be monetary or political in nature.
Response to a security incident depends on the severity of the incident and identification of the threats based on threat library, history and categorization of threats. Based on these aspects a security analyst along with an expert incident responder decides the best course of action to be taken to respond to a security incident. Steps are taken to
It is a step by step series of guidelines that are to be followed in an event of a cyber attack. It consists of both, measures to be implemented to avoid cyber attacks and steps to be taken to control damage and protect data in the event of a cyber attack.
A typical incident response plan must include the following things:
  • Measures to be taken to prevent the most common vulnerabilities and cyber risks.
  • List of solutions to be installed in an enterprise.
  • Roles and responsibilities of members across different levels at the time of a security incident.
  • Safety measures to be taken individually to remain secure against cyber threats.
  • Physical and digital documentation of the entire Incident Response Plan.

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