SharkStriker SOC-as-a-service for the UAE

SharkStriker provides a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts working round the clock directly with businesses based in the UAE, addressing all their cybersecurity and compliance needs. 

SOC as a Service

Why does your organization need a 24/7/365 SOC?

Organizations fail to deploy standalone cybersecurity investments to their fullest potential due to a lack of expertise. They are unable to render effective configurations or optimize rules for these solutions to run at their full potential. These solutions are also very costly to run. This is where our SOC comes to the rescue.

Our team works 24/7 for 365 days to ensure that organizations stay safe from the most sophisticated cyber attackers. It consists of cyber experts such as analysts, incident responders, domain experts, threat hunters, and researchers who ensure that an organization’s cybersecurity is secure at all times. They channel their expertise to leverage all the existing security solutions of an organization to their maximum potential for impenetrable defense and compliance. 

Soc Service

Key differentiators of SOC

24/7/365 Defense
24/7/365 Defense
Our team works round the clock to ensure that threats are at bay at all times, combining human expertise with technology for seamless defense for businesses in the UAE.
Threat expertise
Threat expertise
SOC consists of threat experts who analyze and make the most of threat intelligence to take the right set of actions like proactive threat hunting, root cause analysis, and full cycle incident response.
Power up your existing security investments
Power up your existing security investments
With a robust platform, SharkStriker assists UAE businesses in gaining high ROI from all of their existing security investments, empowering them to augment their posture against the best practices in the industry.

Dedicated Cybersecurity Analyst and Threat Hunter

Security Team

You can get an added advantage by choosing our MDR platform which assigns you a personal security analyst from our SOC. The analyst acts as a dedicated threat hunter who reviews and upgrades the cybersecurity of your IT infrastructure and assists you seamlessly in responding to different incidents. 

Dedicated analyst and threat hunter ensure increased accuracy in the triaging of threats enabling your enterprise for quicker response and augmented resilience against the most sophisticated threats. They assist you by providing tailored solutions to modern day cyber security challenges.

How We Do It

  • Monitoring and Detection
  • Threat Response
365 Monitoring
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With an expert team that is always online 24×7 for 365 days to ensure that your IT infrastructure remains safeguarded from threats, through continuous monitoring, detection, analysis, and seamless identification & remediation of threats. .
SharkStriker provides you with a complete evaluation of your network’s cybersecurity through continuous monitoring and evaluation at regular intervals to catch even the most hidden anomalies, vulnerabilities, and threats.
Comprehensive Assessment
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Threat Intelligence
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Our forensic experts keep the threat intelligence updated with the latest tactics and an updated library of threats, through continuous research. We use some of the threat intelligence best practices to keep your organization free from all kinds of external and internal threats.
Compliance friendly
log management
Our cutting-edge SIEM seamlessly detects risks through the collection and retention of all the necessary logs and events from multiple sources from an enterprise’s network for compliance fulfillment and preemptive detection of risk.
Compliance friendly
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Advanced Orchestration
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Advanced Orchestration
and Automated Response
Through SOAR (Security Orchestration and Automated Response), our platform can attend to a high volume of alerts seamlessly. With this, our experts can focus on alerts that are critical in nature.
Active Response
Incident Response Planning
As soon as an incident is confirmed, the SOC acts as a first responder, performing actions to prevent harmful processes from executing (eg:- deleting files, terminating processes, etc.).They remediate the network without disrupting operations.
Active Response
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Triage and Root
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Triage and Root Cause
SharkStriker’s team of cyber security experts collects all the necessary information that relates to the root cause of a threat. This includes any data pertaining to pathways, malware, or suspicious activities highlighted through logs and events collected by the platform.
Once the procedure of containment and remediation of threats is done, our team prepares a detailed report that categorizes the level of threats, mitigation strategies, and courses of action to be taken in the event of future attacks.
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Take your enterprise’s cybersecurity to the next level

Frequently Asked Question

  • What does SOC stand for?
  • What is the role of a SOC?
  • What is a SOC analyst?
  • What makes a good SOC?
  • How much does a SOC cost?
  • What is SOC as a service?
  • What is the difference between MDR and SOC?
SOC stands for Security Operations Center. It is the core of all of the organization’s cybersecurity operations, it blends the power of human intelligence with the cutting edge technology. It operates 24/7/365 taking care of monitoring, detecting, containing and responding to threats in real time.
The role of the SOC is to monitor, detect, identify, analyze, contain and respond to threats and vulnerabilities. It operates 24/7/365 with a team of highly skilled experts to identify and detect vulnerabilities and threats.
They are the first line of defense against all of the threats. They are the first responders to all the threats and vulnerabilities of an organization. They make sure that the organization is safeguarded from all kinds of malware, threats, and attacks.
A good SOC provides effectiveness in all three key aspects of SOC which are systems & software, policies and procedures. The most essential part of a good SOC is the team behind it. Human intelligence is the vital kernel behind every patch and policy development. Therefore, it is important which team you choose for SOC. Luckily SharkStriker provides its very own SOC as service with a team of experienced threat hunters, analysts, incident responders and cybersecurity experts who would allow you to augment your security readiness.
As per the report by Storngdm, the cost of an SOC can be around $147000 for the total period of six months which includes fee of the auditor, project lead, cost of readiness assessment, legal review, tools and security training.
SOC as service is a service offered by a MSSP wherein it offers a full fledged SOC with a team of experts and tools that allow your organization to take advantage of the human led technology enabled approach. You get a full team of experts who work 24×7 for 365 days to monitor, detect, identify, analyze, contain and respond to threats. SharkStriker’s SOC as service comes with the perfect blend of human intelligence and artificial intelligence and machine learning. In addition to this, we have a dedicated threat lab and library that is updated from time to time with all the latest information about threats and vulnerabilities allowing us to be one step ahead in terms of security.

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