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Web Application pen-testing services for businesses in Australia

We help businesses in Australia to identify and address the nature and severity of the vulnerabilities in their web applications with real-world techniques.


Understanding web application testing

Web applications are one of the primary direct targets for many cybercriminals today. Since they are important for the essential functioning of the business, it is imperative to conduct a thorough investigation of these applications for identifying vulnerabilities. To prevent the loss of personal, financial, and confidential information, conducting web application testing is critical. 

Our team of experts consists of highly professional and experienced security experts with experience in security testing of web applications and preparing a comprehensive report of all the vulnerabilities along with the course of action that is required to mitigate all the risks that are identified as part of the test.

What kind of web application vulnerabilities do we cover?

SharkStriker’s seamless web application penetration testing services encompass all kinds of web applications, whether developed by third-party vendors or in-house. We test web applications based on the identification and analysis of all the parameters that include some of the best standards such as OWASP and MITRE CVE/SANS.

Once the test is done, we prepare a report of all the vulnerabilities identified and implement the steps involved to combat them.  The following are the vulnerabilities that we identify using our web application penetration test:

Data exposure of any kind
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
XML External Entities (XXE)
Insecure Deserialization
Usage of vulnerable components
Misconfigurations in the security framework
Weak points in authentication
Vulnerabilities in interactions with the database
Weaknesses in access controls
Problems related to validation of inputs
Lack of a seamless sessions management
Anomalies in application logic
Injection flaws

SharkStriker’s web application security testing approach

SharkStriker is known for its systematic and proactive approach to web application testing. Our process covers the head-to-toe of your organization’s web security, ensuring that even the most undetectable vulnerabilities are identified.

By utilizing a blend of our expertise and technological tools, we provide you with top-notch web application security. Our team uses a high-level operational security process that involves.

  • 01
    SharkStriker’s pen testing experts work with your organization’s key personnel to plan out the scope of testing i.e. the web applications and websites that are to be covered as well as the strategy that will be deployed.
  • 02
    Accumulation of Recon and Intel
    SharkStriker’s expert team of testers uses cutting-edge technology coupled with their experience to identify the most potent security flaws and vulnerabilities in websites and applications that are within the scope as planned in the above stage.
  • 03
    Identification of vulnerabilities
    Here our team of expert ethical hackers uses the most offensive hacking techniques, knowledge, and experience to hunt for vulnerabilities in the organization’s web applications and websites.
  • 04
    After hunting for the vulnerabilities, our expert pen testers deploy non-disruptive techniques to discover the level of vulnerabilities within the websites and applications and their effect on the organization’s operations. Based on this they categorize them according to their level of severity.
  • 05
    Analysis and Reporting
    Post completion of the test run, the team gathers all the necessary information with some of the key findings and prepares a comprehensive report that includes a thorough guide of remediation as per prioritization of vulnerabilities.

Why should you consider WAPT?

With the increasing number of web applications that are being added as a result of the expansion of organizations worldwide, they have also become vulnerable to cyber criminals who are looking to exploit vulnerabilities in web applications to extract sensitive data through a breach. 

Every organization must conduct a WAPT because of the following reasons:

WAPT addresses vulnerabilities that arise out of major infrastructural change.
Identifies all the risks, vulnerabilities in web apps and sites.
Builds active defense against future attacks.
Fortifies security of financial and other sensitive information.
Defends against most lethal malicious attacks.
Protects reputation through enhanced security.
Renders 360 degree adherence to regulatory compliances and certifications.
Proactively secures organizations from probable financial loss from breach.

Why Choose SharkStriker’s for WAPT service? 

For quicker and more seamless transition towards digital transformation it is essential that enterprises do a thorough assessment of their current web applications for vulnerabilities. More often than not, these assessments are often done by IT generalists who lack the area specific expertise required to perform the test. 

This is where SharkStriker comes in. With our team of experts, we make tailored web application vulnerability assessments that address the most critical vulnerabilities and implement security measures that take care of all the cybersecurity needs of web apps. 

Strengthen your web applications’ resilience against cyber criminals today with SharkStriker’s WAPT service.

Type of Penetration Test

  • VAPT
  • IoT Penetration Testing
  • Network Penetration testing
  • Web application Pen-testing
  • Mobile application Pen-testing
A combination of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing where a certified pen-tester engages in extensive assessment of vulnerabilities within all the endpoints connected to the IT infrastructure. It is done both automatically and manually and then a report is generated with all the measures for remediation…
IoT Penetration Testing
|n this a pen-tester engages in assessing the IoT ecosystem connected with an enterprise’s IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities and suggests measures to strengthen its cyber resilience. Post completion he prepares a detailed report consisting of all the security measures for effective remediation and posture augmentation.
Network Penetration testing
In this, a certified pen-tester engages in rigorous testing of the network to determine prevalent vulnerabilities within the internal and external network along with measures to strengthen a network’s cybersecurity. Once done, a report with categorization of all the vulnerabilities along with remediation steps is made.
Web application Pen-testing
It is a form of penetration testing that is specific to web applications. A pen testers deploys attack techniques to assess the web application’s vulnerabilities and categorizes vulnerabilities as per their severity. Post-completion a report is prepared suggesting measures to improve cybersecurity of the applications.
Mobile application Pen-testing
A pen tester deploys some of the most offensive techniques to assess the prevalent cybersecurity of mobile devices and categorizes the existing vulnerabilities as per their severity. Post completion the expert prepares a report with all the necessary steps to strengthen the mobile application’s security.

Take your enterprise’s cybersecurity to the next level

Frequently Asked Question

  • What is web application testing and who performs the tests?
  • How much will it cost to conduct a web application pen-test?
  • What information should we provide for the scope of pen testing?
  • How long does the test take?
Web application testing is a form of assessment of the vulnerabilities within an application’s architecture, design, and configuration. It is done using some of the most offensive ethical hacking techniques by experts in order to identify and remediate potential cybersecurity risks that pose a threat to an organization’s sensitive data.
It depends on the timeframe involved in the web application test. To avail of a detailed quotation for your organization, please contact us. Please note: it is required for your organization to fill out a detailed questionnaire before the test to help us serve you better.
Information such as important credentials, the number, and types of web applications, and websites – the number of pages that are dynamic and static are essential for the test.
There are multiple factors involved in determining the time frame of the test. These factors include but are not limited to – the scope of the test, time taken by the team, type of web applications assessed, and number of applications.

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