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Network Penetration Testing services for businesses in the USA

SharkStriker assists businesses in the US to improve the security posture of their network by assessing their security posture using some of the offensive real-world techniques.

Network Pen Testing

What is Network Pen Testing?

Digital transformation depends on safe, secure, and scalable network infrastructure. The strength of this infrastructure is reliant on a dependable cyber security posture. All organizations must ensure that their network is regularly tested for increased protection against cybercriminals. 

It is an offensive assessment to identify security vulnerabilities in the network. Testing will expose real-world opportunities for intruders to be able to compromise systems and networks in such a way that allows for unauthorized access to sensitive data or even take-over systems for malicious purposes. Our team of pen-testers will ensure that your internal and external network is free from risk at all times.

Types of Network Pen Testing

Network penetration testing is the kind of pen-testing that is done both inside (internal pen-testing) as well as outside (external pen-testing) of the organization’s network. It encompasses all the endpoints connected to an organization’s IT infrastructure.

Internal network penetration testing
Internal network penetration testing
Gauge your internal network of all the loopholes, threats, and vulnerabilities with pen testing. It tests if employees are engaging in malicious actions intentionally or unintentionally. Our team of CREST-certified pen testers performs in-premise testing through cutting-edge tools. They engage in real-world attack simulation on all the endpoints connected to IT infrastructure. A detailed report is prepared listing all the vulnerabilities and threats as per their severity. It also lists all the suggestions to remediate and combat them.
External network penetration testing
External network penetration testing
We test the effectiveness of perimeter network security controls by scanning, identifying, detecting, containing and preventing attacks. Our team of expert pen testers assesses the strength of your external network. We identify anomalies, vulnerabilities, and threats. Our testing covers remote web, applications, FTP servers, and endpoints connected to your network, providing your organization with key insights on critical vulnerabilities and threats. All this is driven by a highly robust threat management system.

Why choose Sharkstriker for Network Pen Testing?

Our team of CREST-certified experts ensures that there is not a single margin for error when it comes to identifying, detecting, analyzing, and addressing vulnerabilities and threats. We possess the industry expertise to render seamless NPT. We utilize this extensive experience in pen-testing and threat hunting to identify the most invisible sophisticated threats in your network whether internal or external.

Apart from having expert pen-testers and cybersecurity experts, we also possess compliance consultants who render comprehensive compliance-friendly reports that assist enterprises in effectively fulfilling all their local and global compliance requirements. We deploy industry best practices for seamless network security.

Why does your organization need NPT?

For securing your organization against the most sophisticated, rendering assessment of the status quo network is a must. NPT provides your enterprise with a complete view of all the vulnerabilities and threats to your network. 

The following are the benefits of NPT:

It helps in minimizing the risk of threats and attacks.
Improves the overall productivity of business
Takes your network’s cyber security to the next level
Gives valuable information on the status quo of your network’s security
Secures data from theft and leakage
Checks the security status of your layer 2 & 3 devices (switches, routers, etc)
Gives you a 360-degree review and updation of all of your rules and policies

Our approach to Network Pen-testing

Through our comprehensive approach, we execute a 360-degree assessment of your organization’s network security. We then implement appropriate rules, policies, and patches if need be, based on the Pen Testing Execution Standard (PTES) framework.  

The following is the process we follow for network pen testing to help you to increase the ROI from all of your network devices:

  • 01
    SharkStriker’s pen testing experts work with your organization’s key personnel to plan out the scope of testing i.e. the devices, servers, and all the remote endpoints that are to be covered.
  • 02
    Accumulation of Recon and Intel
    We use cutting-edge technology coupled with our experience to identify the most potent security flaws and vulnerabilities in all the endpoints within the scope of the pen testing plan. It consists of steps such as google search engine reconnaissance, server fingerprinting, and network enumeration. In this, the team will use discovery tools to gather information about your network and perform network fingerprinting and enumeration to identify components, devices, and system software used.
  • 03
    Threat modeling
    Here our team of expert ethical hackers uses the most offensive hacking techniques, knowledge, and experience to hunt for vulnerabilities in the organization’s internal and external network. In this step, automatic scanning of threats is done and then manual techniques are deployed. During this phase, some of the key assets are identified and categorized as per their threat severity.
  • 04
    In this step, our team of pen-testers tries to go one step further and exploit the organization’s security for real-world risks, trying to gain access by bypassing various security controls and firewalls and deploying heavy manual testing tactics. This stage may involve credential harvesting, leveraging outdated software and known vulnerabilities, and network sniffing.
  • 05
    Analysis and Reporting
    Post completion of the test run, the team gathers all the necessary information with some of the key findings and prepares a comprehensive report that includes a thorough guide of remediation as per prioritization of vulnerabilities.

Type of Penetration Test

  • VAPT
  • IoT Penetration Testing
  • Network Penetration testing
  • Web application Pen-testing
  • Mobile application Pen-testing
A combination of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing where a certified pen-tester engages in extensive assessment of vulnerabilities within all the endpoints connected to the IT infrastructure. It is done both automatically and manually and then a report is generated with all the measures for remediation…
IoT Penetration Testing
|n this a pen-tester engages in assessing the IoT ecosystem connected with an enterprise’s IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities and suggests measures to strengthen its cyber resilience. Post completion he prepares a detailed report consisting of all the security measures for effective remediation and posture augmentation.
Network Penetration testing
In this, a certified pen-tester engages in rigorous testing of the network to determine prevalent vulnerabilities within the internal and external network along with measures to strengthen a network’s cybersecurity. Once done, a report with categorization of all the vulnerabilities along with remediation steps is made.
Web application Pen-testing
It is a form of penetration testing that is specific to web applications. A pen testers deploys attack techniques to assess the web application’s vulnerabilities and categorizes vulnerabilities as per their severity. Post-completion a report is prepared suggesting measures to improve cybersecurity of the applications.
Mobile application Pen-testing
A pen tester deploys some of the most offensive techniques to assess the prevalent cybersecurity of mobile devices and categorizes the existing vulnerabilities as per their severity. Post completion the expert prepares a report with all the necessary steps to strengthen the mobile application’s security.

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Frequently Asked Question

  • What is network penetration testing?
  • What are the 2 types of penetration testing?
  • What is the purpose of a network penetration test?
  • Can an internal pen test be performed remotely?
  • How are pen test findings reported?
  • What information is required to scope a network penetration test?
It is a kind of pen testing wherein offensive techniques are used to detect and exploit a network’s vulnerabilities (like outdated software, vulnerable devices, etc.) and threats (malicious activities, open ports) both inside and outside the network.
The two types of network pen testing include internal and external pen testing.
Its main purpose is to identify all threats, vulnerabilities, and bottlenecks within and outside the network. It also involves deploying a suitable set of rules, policies, patches, and solutions for its improvement.
Yes, pen testing can be performed remotely by utilizing a virtual private network (VPN). It gives the organization an idea of how to deal with the consequences of a breach or cyber attack orchestrated through a VPN.
Once the pen tests are completed, a comprehensive report is prepared consisting of all the vulnerabilities and threats detected as per the level of their severity. It lists down the whole process along with the efforts to break into the network, and the steps to mitigate and improve the status quo cybersecurity of the organization’s IT infrastructure. It highlights the key risks and vulnerabilities that will impact the business and provides a range of courses of action that can be taken to mitigate and remediate the risks. Once the report is prepared it is shared with the client for further review.
Critical information such as the number of devices, workstations, applications, software, servers and related endpoints to be covered will be helpful to conduct a smooth network penetration testing.

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