SIEM-as-a-service for the United States

Through our SIEM-as-a-service, we enable US-based businesses with visibility, round-the-clock security, automated threat detection and response, and more to help them propel toward growth without disruption from cyber attacks or non-compliance. 


SharkStriker SIEM

Eagle Eye &
Multi-source Ingestion
360 Extensive Visibility
Live Dashboards
Compliance Friendly Reports
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AI/ML Driven Detection &
Threat Intelligence
AI / ML based Detection
Triage by Security Experts
Incident Response
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Seamless Regulatory &
Log Collection and Retention
Vulnerability Management
File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)
Baseline Security Assessment
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Ease of Management &
24/7 Monitoring by SOC
Log Management
Rule Optimization
SIEM Contextualization
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Key Features

Key Features
Cloud / On-Premise Deployment
Cloud / On-Premise Deployment
Fully managed by 24/7 SOC Team
Fully managed by 24/7 SOC Team
Integrated SOAR Platform
Integrated SOAR Platform
Predictable, Asset-based Priceing
Predictable, Asset-based Priceing
User and Entity Behavior Analytics
User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

How can SIEM as a service help your organization?

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) works in many ways to hunt, detect and avert threats. It utilizes AI/ML to detect threats, ingest data, and conduct advanced user and entity behavior analytics(UEBA) from many sources giving you extensive 360-degree visibility and protection of your network.SIEM often comes with the problem of alert fatigue with 99% of events and logs that are non-critical.

This can leave the 1% of the critical vulnerabilities unattended. SharkStriker solves this by offering SOAR (Security Orchestration and Automated Response) as an integrated solution, allowing organizations to seamlessly handle a high volume of alerts automatically. All of this comes with asset based pricing so you only pay on assets covered not data consumed.

SIEM as service – SharkStriker’s exclusive offerings

Integrated SOAR
SOAR (Security Orchestration and Automated Response) automatically responds to alerts, reducing the burden on experts and allowing them to only focus on critical alerts.
Round the clock SOC
Round the clock
Our team of experts and incident responders work 24/7 to continuously monitor, detect, analyze, respond, and report threats, taking measures for posture enhancement.
Seamless compliance
Seamless compliance
We make achievement of compliances such as GDPR, PCI DSS, and ISO 27001 easier for businesses in the United States by rendering expert-driven gaps assessment, timely log retention and reporting, and SIEM configuration as recommended guidelines.

Take your enterprise’s cybersecurity to the next level

Frequently Asked Question

  • What is SIEM and how does it work?
  • What is SIEM used for?
  • What tools does SIEM integrate with?
  • What are the main SIEM challenges?
  • How much does SIEM cost?
  • What SIEM solution is best for your business?
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) ingests data in terms of logs and events from all of the endpoints giving you 360-degree visibility of your network. It works round the clock to look for anomalies and suspicious activity within your network with the help of AI and ML. Through live dashboards, SIEM gives you complete transparency in information about all the occurrences in the organizational network with reports that can help you meet regulatory compliance seamlessly.
It is used to recognize the most potent security threats and vulnerabilities before they turn lethal and harm an organization. It is used for its advanced AI and ML capabilities to identify suspicious activity through UEBA (advanced user and entity behavior analytics. It is also used for the retention of key security data for regulatory compliance.
SharkStriker’s SIEM integrates with SOAR (Security Orchestration and Automated Response) to provide best-in-class monitoring and detection with the added advantage of automatic response to most threats and vulnerabilities. It allows SIEM to work undisrupted without facing alert fatigue. Additionally, SIEM also integrates seamlessly with network devices (firewalls, routers and switches), endpoints (servers and workstations), cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google etc), Security Solutions (Anti-virus, EDR, XDR) custom in-house applications, and databases (MySQL, PgSQL , MS-SQL etc.)
Some major challenges that organizations that invest in SIEM solutions face are – the lack of a team of cybersecurity experts who are experienced enough to develop rules, optimize rules, and work with SIEM to identify and respond to threats. Another challenge is that SIEM faces alert fatigue due to the high volume of alerts that cannot be handled by the in-house security team. Also, SIEM comes with the burden of high operational costs that cannot be afforded by most organizations.
The average price of SIEM is around $50,000 with minimum $20,000 investment but it can go to upto $1M. Most of the vendor prices of the SIEM solution are based on Events Per Second (EPS) or Data Volume or Ingestion (GB/Day). There is no easy way to calculate the price precisely as per any of these parameters. Most customers either compromise security by reducing the number of logs generated from sources to control EPS or Data Volume, or they end up buying incorrectly sized solutions. In case of an active attack, EPS or Data Volume are most likely to increase but due to lack of licensing customers lose events. SharkStriker makes sizing very simple using the predictable asset pricing. You don’t have to use any calculator, just let us know how many assets and the type of assets you have, and we will let you know the pricing.
SIEM Solution: In case if you have an in-house 24/7 SOC team with SIEM experts, then you can buy SIEM solution (Platform only) but then you need to have skills to overcome challenges such as the development of detection rules whenever new adversaries are there, fine-tune existing rules, manage SIEM data storage and sizing when logs or asset grows. SIEM-as-a-Service: In case you don’t have in-house 24/7 SOC or you really don’t want to get into hosting your own platform, managing all challenges mentioned in the first option then SIEM-as-a-Service becomes handy for you. All you have to pay per asset/type, you will get your SIEM service up and ready in a few minutes. You will get a fully hosted, managed SIEM platform along with 24/7 SOC experts along with Incident Response (IR).

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