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End Point Detection and Respond (EDR) as a Service

Advance your endpoint defense from a reactive to a proactive approach

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Continuous Endpoint Monitoring & Protection

Gain an endpoint security strategy that enables you to focus on your core business while protecting your most critical assets. The EDR service goes beyond a reactive threat defense approach by proactively hunting for sophisticated threat actors and their tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs).

24x7x365 Endpoint Security Monitoring for Your Business

Know your endpoints are always monitored as a team of analysts detects threats, validate alerts to ensure they are actionable and respond accordingly. All endpoint security policies that are defined, deployed and managed are customized to your business.

Continuous Threat Intelligence Updates

With the EDR as a service, you gain analysis of active malware campaigns to proactively identify and prevent known bad IOCs and TTPs. Additional threat intelligence is integrated into the best-of-breed EDR technology that you select to further enhance the vendor’s solution.

sharkstriker Threats MDR Than MSSP

Real-Time Automated Response

Once a threat is detected, the service provides real-time automated response policies are enforced to isolate hosts, delete files, kill processes and initiate scans.

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Continuous Maintenance, Support & Upgrades

sharkstriker server monitoring

As part of the EDR service, your sensors are managed and upgraded to ensure they’re compatible with the operating systems and reporting as intended. The management, provisioning and decommissioning of permissions to the EDR tool set is also taken off of your plate.

Stop malware

Protect your Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints. Prevent malware from executing and enable the detection of advanced threats. Powered by the Elastic Security research team.

sharkstriker Stop Malware
Detect Advanced Threats
sharkstriker threats

Activate prebuilt rules to detect advanced threats across all of your endpoints. Spot anomalies with out-of-the-box machine learning jobs. Customize or create content to address threats unique to your industry or environment.

Triage and Respond Efficiently

Quickly analyze detailed data from across your hosts. Examine host-based activity with interactive visualizations. Integrate response workflows with external orchestration and ticketing tools.

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Be ready for your next use case
sharkstriker Be ready

Quickly tackle new use cases with Security. Activate new agent capabilities with just one click. Minimize the endpoint footprint with a resource-efficient agent built to handle multiple use cases.

Transparent Pricing

The hallmark of our all-inclusive service is you get what you pay for with a simple pricing structure

  • No needless pricing complications that interfere with your decision-making process

  • Simplified pricing model that helps you build the perfect security posture

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The SharkStriker Approach

We believe in getting the MDR installed and ready for action without wasting time, but only after getting all the information needed to secure your network.

Requirements Gathering

Evaluation and Analysis

Security Solutions Planning

Solutions Installation

Peerless MDR Service

SharkStriker Advantages

What our clients say about us

As an organization we realized, we were exposed to a threat landscape that is evolving continuously. Our small team found it difficult to cope with the advanced threats levelled at our organization. We partnered with SharkStriker to take the burden off our security team. We are simply amazed by their ability to manage our security infrastructure in a way such that all threats are kept at bay allowing us to focus on business growth activities.

Raj , CIO, Confiance Business Solution
Team Expertise
Frequently Asked Questions
How Do I Choose the Right MDR Service?2020-10-12T19:46:42+00:00

It will be very easy for us to say don’t rack your brains, just choose our MDR service. What we will tell you instead is go through the features of the MDR service and check whether you are getting everything that an MDR service is expected to deliver. Also, make sure that the MDR service offers a transparent and simple pricing model, so that you are not confused as to the scope of the service. Only then make your choice.

Is an MDR better than a SIEM?2020-10-12T19:46:05+00:00

SharkStriker offers both an MDR service and managed SIEM service. We can integrate both and bring integrated benefits to the table. We will manage both the threat detection and response and the SIEM side of affairs so you don’t have to go through a long drawn out deployment process that is involved in SIEM installation.

Why Should I Choose an MDR and Not an MSSP?2020-10-12T19:45:39+00:00

An MDR service provider like Shark Striker leverages the latest security technology backed by AI and ML and offers a host of services under one MDR umbrella. These services include threat monitoring, hunting, detection and response, as well as collecting internal logs, traffic data and more. The purpose is to use a variety of log sources for threat detection and remediation. This is why choosing an MDR over an MSSP is a good idea as the way the latter works is completely different.

Why Do I need MDR services?2020-10-12T19:44:49+00:00

All companies, can benefit from MDR capabilities, especially SMBs who do not have a huge amount of budget to invest in IT security, but their needs are as critical as enterprise level organizations. They get the advantage of a highly advanced security tool set and a team of experts that are managing their security 24×7. This ensures their overheads go down.

Why Should I Choose SharkStriker’s MDR services?2020-10-12T19:44:10+00:00

Our SOC-as-a-Service is the best in the industry because it offers a wealth of security benefits, is easy to install, and our world-class team of experts takes charge of your MDR to give you peace of mind. Couple this with advanced machine learning and enhanced AI and you have an MDR that delivers real time threat intelligence, protecting your infrastructure from all kinds of threats.

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SharkStriker provides MDR, XDR and host of managed security services using ORCA platform managed by 24/7 ORCA Experts.

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