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Our managed SIEM services are manned by industry-leading
experts with immense cybersecurity knowhow.

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Boost Threat Detection Capabilities with SharkStriker’s Managed SIEM

The threatscape is changing quickly and you need to enhance your organization’s threat detection through real-time threat monitoring to get 360° visibility into all security incidents and events taking place inside your organizational network. This is an extremely significant security layer that bolsters network security.

SharkStriker’s Managed SIEM brings together cutting-edge Security Information and Event Management technology, our cybersecurity experts and 24/7 real-time threat intelligence to deliver a ringside view of all threats across your on-prem, cloud and hybrid IT infrastructure.

What is SIEM?

SIEM or Security Information and Event Management is a full-featured set of tools integrated with log management and monitoring abilities. The core objective of SIEM is to monitor and detect targeted threats and prevent data breaches. A typical SIEM system will collect log event and other necessary information from diverse IT assets such as devices, platforms, IT frameworks, applications and more, to zero in on suspicious network activity. Upon identification, an investigation alert is generated, to ensure faster analysis and remediation of malicious log events.

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Who Needs SIEM Solutions?

Say no to legacy security installations. Threats are evolving rapidly and your network will be subject to advanced threats and zero-day attacks. The best course of action is pre-emption. Purely relying on traditional security solutions such as firewalls, IPS and anti-malware is not going to cut it. What you are looking for, is deeper visibility into your IT infrastructure and the IT assets spread across diverse environments.

This is where SIEM solutions enter into the picture. By taking a closer look at log records you can find actionable information on all the attacks and malicious incidents within your environment. SIEM solutions also focus on gathering data from connected devices, all your security devices, applications and every connected system.

While SIEM solutions play a critical role in fortifying your defenses, organizations find it difficult to leverage their potential by investing time and effort in monitoring log records and other data. This is why you need to pick a managed SIEM solution.

You need a managed SIEM solution if

  • Your security teams are overworked and don’t have the time to manually investigate each and every log that looks like a potential threat

  • You lack a team of skilled security professionals who can investigate and respond to advanced threats

  • You are currently depending on incident response solutions that cannot prioritize threat hunting

  • You want to update legacy network defenses to prevent advanced cyberattacks

  • Your network environments are growing quickly, which results in increasing attack surfaces, which in turn need dynamic security with rich capabilities

  • You do not have access to accurate and actionable threat intelligence


What Problem Does SIEM Solve?

SIEM will help you meet demanding compliance requirements that are constantly hanging. It does this by improving your security posture, irrespective of whether you have the budget to deploy expensive security solutions that will help monitor your organizational environments.

Despite deploying the toughest cybersecurity measures at your network perimeter, attackers can bypass these, and move around your network to steal valuable data. This is why you require SIEM that monitors your logs 24/7 to ensure suspicious activities are detected and remediated. This ensures you are able to achieve the security control defined under PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO 271001 and other compliances.

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Our SIEM Expertise

Our managed SIEM services brings a wealth of strategic benefits to the table

  • Our SIEM comes with enterprise-grade security expertise backed by a successful track record of deploying SIEM services for diverse businesses across sectors.

  • We tap into our strong cybersecurity network and association with reputed security vendors to give you the benefit of the best tools, innovation and tech to deliver timely information about the latest threats.

  • We have built a reputation for achieving complex SIEM deployments without taking too much time so that you can start taking advantage of focused threat monitoring quickly.

  • Our managed SIEM services are manned by industry-leading experts with immense cybersecurity knowhow and who sit out of a fully-equipped SOC.

  • We are technology agnostic and have end-to-end SIEM expertise including management, installation, and configuration.

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24/7 Log Monitoring

  • Our team monitors your network logs and other data sets 24/7

  • After thoroughly analyzing suspicious events, our SOC will send the specific events for further investigation.

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Effectively Manage Your Compliance Requirements

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  • Comprehensive monitoring ensures all security controls are in place

  • Exhaustive reporting capabilities offer all data to demonstrate compliance

Preventative Security for Negating Attacks

  • Get better understanding of threats levelled at your network

  • Become more aware of the cybercriminals who have an eye on your organizational data

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Extend Your In-House Team

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  • Our SIEM experts with all their expertise, work as an extension of your in-house team

  • You have the best security professionals working for you, without substantially increasing overheads

Get the Backing of a Tech-Empowered SOC

  • We operate from a state-of-the-art SOC that operates 24/7

  • Benefit from the transformative tech we use to deliver world-class security services

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Scale Security Services to Meet Growing Needs

  • Our Managed SIEM will scale to meet the needs of growing attack surfaces

  • We work with leading SIEM vendors to deliver SIEM solutions that meet your specific needs

SharkStriker’s Managed SIEM Offers a Range of Security Advantages

Portfolio of Managed Security Services

We offer a collection of managed security services that can offer the solutions you need to secure your on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments.

SharkStriker Approach

Our ORCA Approach towards Managed SIEM is comprehensive, continuous and cutting-edge.

Requirements Gathering

Analysis and Evaluation

Developing Plan of Action

Choice of Managed SIEM Services Plans

Maximize Potential of World Class SIEM

SharkStriker Advantages

What our clients say about us

As an organization we realized, we were exposed to a threat landscape that is evolving continuously. Our small team found it difficult to cope with the advanced threats levelled at our organization. We partnered with SharkStriker to take the burden off our security team. We are simply amazed by their ability to manage our security infrastructure in a way such that all threats are kept at bay allowing us to focus on business growth activities.

Raj , CIO, Confiance Business Solution
Team Expertise

Frequently Asked Questions

How will SIEM collect all required data?2020-10-10T09:54:45+00:00

SharkStriker’s managed SIEM will integrate with critical sources of threat intelligence including network devices, applications, security solutions, IT systems, IT frameworks, EDR tools and much more.

What’s the cost of managed SIEM services?2020-10-10T09:54:25+00:00

The costing of a managed SIEM subscription depends on the delivery model and its capabilities as well as scale and scope. It is imperative that your pick a managed SIEM subscription plan that falls within your budget and which caters to all your security needs.

Why should my organization choose a managed SIEM?2020-10-10T09:54:05+00:00

A managed SIEM works according to a ‘choose and deploy’ model, wherein you don’t have to spend a lot of time choosing the right SIEM vendor that customizes capabilities as per your specific requirements. You also don’t have to invest in SIEM infrastructure or hiring people with SIEM knowledge or assigning teams to manage your SIEM installation. SharkStriker’s managed SIEM ensures, our team of cybersecurity professionals operating from a SOC take charge of your SIEM deployment on your behalf.

Why Does My Business Need a SIEM security layer?2020-10-10T09:51:52+00:00

Security Information and Event Management will gather data from a large number of log and threat intelligence services to help you identify threats quickly before they can do some serious harm.  Cyber threats are constantly evolving and so should your security layers. A SIEM solution performs a stellar role in allowing you to respond to serious threats in quick time.


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SharkStriker provides MDR, XDR and host of managed security services using ORCA platform managed by 24/7 ORCA Experts.

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