SharkStriker handshakes with Gateworx as Middle East Distribution Partner for Cyber Security Solutions

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SharkStriker handshakes with Gateworx as Middle East Distribution Partner for Cyber Security Solutions

Walnut Creek CA 94596, May 11, 2021: Sharkstriker, the specialty technology distributor of diverse cybersecurity solutions in Managed Services, Vulnerability Assessment And Penetration Testing, Firewall Services, and many more, today announced that it has entered an agreement with renowned IT Solutions provider Gateworx, Egyptian IT Services Company selling and distributing industry-leading cyber security solutions in Middle East & Africa.

With a vision to deliver the best of evolving cyber security solutions through a scalable security as a service model, SharkStriker provides MDRXDR and a host of managed security services using ORCA platform managed by 24/7 ORCA Experts.

Gateworx in teaming up with Sharkstriker will be distributor for multiple services like MDR, XDR, SIEM, EDR, VAPT ( vulnerability assessment & penetration testing ),  web application penetration testing, Mobile penetration testing , VAPT ( network , API ,IOT).

On this partnership Mr. Mohamed Haroon (Director, Gateworx) said “Gateworx strive on to deliver cost effective yet high quality solutions to customers through our partners. First of all, we evaluate the customer’s needs, then evaluate the available solutions from vendors, and then we invest in product understanding & logistics availability. We feel SharkStriker fits perfectly into the solutions our customers / partners seek during today’s time. Technically SharkStriker diverse solutions & expertise will enable us and our partners to cater to companies seeking robust cyber security solutions.”

Mr. Kunal Popat (CEO, SharkStriker) further added, “We know the threat landscape is changing at a rapid rate and cyberattacks are becoming even more complicated and fierce. Our vision is to offer security services that are always ahead of attackers. Comprehensive security services are delivered through ORCA platform with a focus on delivering concrete results measured on the parameters of threat detected and remediated. Partnering with Middle East’s Industry leading distributor Gateworx is an exciting achievement for SharkStriker, our experts are eager to deliver next level, unreachable security that will improve the visibility, detection, and remediation of cyber threats for a variety of Middle East organisations.

About Gateworx

Gateworx is an authorized distributor of key products and services. Being a distributor requires a solid vision and commitment to both the vendor and the customers, due to the clear vision and right approach Gateworx has been appointed as a distributor of key products for more than 12 years in a row.

As a distributor, Gateworx plays a vital role in linking vendors with the needs of the local market. Gateworx enables the resellers with top-notch resources to satisfy their customers’ satisfaction with superior service. Technical and presales, to the partners and customers has been successfully implemented in Egypt and the MEA e.g. Libya, Sudan, TOGO, Ivory Coast and Mali. By extending quality support to our partners, Gateworx has transferred knowledge and experience to their partners in order to help them to grow their business, and hence achieving targets.

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About SharkStriker

SharkStriker is a US-based security services provider with offices across the globe helping to improve business security ROI across a range of industries. Sharks are apex predators and so are today’s cyber criminals, but if there is one thing that sharks fear, it is the Orca.

SharkStriker’s ORCA platform offers purpose-built cyber security-centric, AI/ML powered, well-honed adversarial orientation that delivers all-encompassing protection including proactive protection, automated detection, machine learning-based response, threat intelligence, incident management, compliance management, and security awareness. SharkStriker cybersecurity experts use their ORCA skill sets to hunt for network threats and remediate these effectively and quickly. Their focus is simple – address threats before they become a problem.

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