SharkStriker partners with SecureNet to expand its reach in MEA region 

SharkStriker partners with SecureNet
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SharkStriker partners with SecureNet to expand its reach in MEA region 

Walnut Creek CA 94956, 20th February 2023 Award-winning cybersecurity company from the USA, SharkStriker Inc, has struck an alliance with SecureNET, a renowned distributor from the UAE. It has opened new growth avenues for SharkStriker in the MEA region.  

This partnership will enable SecureNet to fill the service-product gap by offering a unique range of holistic services by SharkStriker that blend human expertise with cutting-edge AI and ML solutions to render round-the-clock protection against the most sophisticated threats. It will help its partners bridge the skills gap in cybersecurity. It will seamlessly assist them with the effective achievement of regional and global compliance requirements stipulated by bodies in the MEA region such as NESA, ADHICS, SAMA, ARAMCO, QCF, POPIA, and other compliances. 

SecureNet has made its reputation in the MEA region as a value-added distributor of leading brands,  focusing on rendering services that create value and breed trust through its established network of resellers. It has a long history of clients whom they have effectively delivered quality products and expert-led services through its business partners.

Through this partnership, SecureNet will be able to enable its customers with round-the-clock security across multiple use cases particular to their industry and assist them in gaining the benefit of stress and disruption-free operations from cyber attacks. With SharkStriker, customers will benefit from a range of fully managed services tailored to their specific needs with complete leverage of all their existing solutions.  

“There is a widespread shortage of cybersecurity skills across the MEA region. Due to this, many businesses are facing cyberattacks and non-compliance because they do not possess the right team of experts who can help them achieve compliance goals and render the right set of configurations across their security solutions. SharkStriker is helping organizations tackle these challenges through a range of holistic cybersecurity services fully managed by their team of experts from the SOC team that operates 24/7 to ensure uninterrupted security. SharkStriker will assist them in achieving max ROI across their existing solutions through their platform, chartering new skies of growth for customers in the MEA region. “ Melwin Dsouza, CEO of SecureNet. 

He further added “ With this partnership, we are assisting our customers to get a one-stop solution that can meet all of their cybersecurity needs backed by hands-on guidance from cyber experts such as cybersecurity analysts, threat researchers, incident responders, and expert pen-testers.”

Adding to this, Palak Dixit, Head of EMEA Sales, SharkStriker said, “We are grateful for having SecureNet as a distribution partner. Through their assistance, we will make the most of the new opportunities in the MEA region. They have made their name in the MEA region for their value-added services.  

We aim to help their customers achieve all their goals, whether compliance or cybersecurity. We seek to do so with our range of tailored security assessments, round-the-clock security, augmented threat monitoring, detection and response, end-to-end compliance management services, and more!.”

SharkStriker seeks to deliver the following values with their partnership:

Assist SecureNet partners in:

  • Meeting all the compliance requirements stipulated by regulatory and global bodies (such as NESA, SAMA, ADHICS etc.) 
  • Boosting all of their customer’s existing cybersecurity investments through effective channeling of expertise through a range of cybersecurity services.
  • Augmenting their cybersecurity visibility, detection, and response capabilities.

Expand their presence in the MEA region with increased market penetration across all verticals. 

Offer increased cybersecurity posture with end-to-end holistic cybersecurity services to SecureNet customers like fully tailored RED Teaming, Penetration Testing, Compliance as a Service, SIEM-as-a-Service, SOC-as-a-Service, MDR, and more!

About SecureNet

SecureNet is a value-added distributor from the MEA region for some of the leading global brands rendering solutions in cybersecurity, networking, and telecommunications. 

They have established a name for themselves in their distribution networks through top-notch partner driven services and solutions. 

About SharkStriker

SharkStriker Inc, US based Compliance centric organization offering a range of holistic cybersecurity services to supercharge existing security solutions of its customers, improve overall security posture and meet regional and global compliance requirements. 

SharkStriker’s advanced security platform bridges compliance gaps across organizations through subject matter expertise in red teaming, breach detection, ransomware protection, security testing, firewall monitoring and more!

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