SharkStriker increases its foothold in the United Kingdom  with the Tate92 partnership

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SharkStriker increases its foothold in the United Kingdom with the Tate92 partnership

Walnut Creek CA 94956, 15th May 2023 USA-based global cybersecurity services vendor, SharkStriker has come into partnership with a renowned value-added cybersecurity solutions distributor from the UK, Tate92. It has unlocked growth opportunities for SharkStriker in the UK. SharkStriker looks forward to making the most of this partnership by coming up with unique offerings that focus on the core pain points of businesses, especially small and medium enterprises.  

Through this partnership, Tate92 will be able to offer its customers tailored enterprise-grade security, addressing their cybersecurity and compliance goals with a holistic approach.  

SharkStriker offers a perfect blend of AI and human expertise to offer an umbrella of services like MDR-as-a-service, SIEM-as-a-service, VAPT, SOC-as-a-service and cybersecurity-as-a-service, compliance management-as-a-service and Managed SIEM and MDR services for Microsoft Security suit. They will be able to drive their customers towards compliance goals with end-to-end compliance management services specific to global and regulatory compliances like NIS, DPA, GDPR, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and NIST. 

This partnership will enable Tate 92 to help their customers experience round-the-clock security across their IT infrastructure and help them meet all of their regulatory and global compliance requirements. Through 24×7 support for incident response, clients can enjoy undisrupted operations from cyber attacks. Through a single, unified platform, their customers can address challenges like unaffordability of enterprise-grade security, increased cost of data breaches, rising cybersecurity skills gap, silo-based cybersecurity, etc. 

“The speedy digital transformation has made businesses vulnerable to cyber threats like data breaches and ransomware attacks. They are under heavy pressure to secure their most valuable information assets and stay safe from non-compliance. However, they face challenges like a lack of cybersecurity skills gap, managing multiple vendors, rising cost of best-breed solutions, etc.

SharkStriker holistically solves these challenges with its services. They are game changers since most businesses don’t have the budget, expertise, resources, and tools to achieve their goals. With SharkStriker, even SMBs can experience enterprise-grade security.” said Amar Rathore, CEO of Tate92

“We are happy to have joined forces with Tate92 as our distribution partner. It will help us accelerate our initiatives in the UK with our holistic cybersecurity services. Our managed security and compliance management services address the most immediate cybersecurity and compliance needs. We seek to deliver across the cybersecurity value chain and empower partners/ customers of Tate92 with improved posture, increased resilience, and most importantly, compliance achievement.” said Palak Dixit, Head of EMEA Sales at SharkStriker. 

This partnership will foster the following values:

  • Create value in the UK region by empowering businesses with improved cybersecurity posture with end-to-end services like Red Teaming, Pen-testing, and others. 
  • Address the persisting cybersecurity challenges in the region such as the cybersecurity skills gap, silo-based cybersecurity services, unaffordable cybersecurity, increasing non-compliance, etc.
  • Offer Tate92’s customers holistic human led technologically driven services such as
  • SharkStriker will strengthen its foothold in the European market across multiple channels by leveraging the existing network of Tate92.

About Tate92

Tate 92 is a UK-based, renowned distributor with an expansive portfolio of clients across multiple industries ranging from networking to cybersecurity. They are known for their customer excellence and expertise in networking, employee engagement, IT, and cybersecurity. They have led projects for global clients with the main aim of value-added distribution and technical support services for networking, IT, and cybersecurity. 

About SharkStriker

SharkStriker is a global cybersecurity company that caters to the cybersecurity challenges of businesses across industries through its holistic range of cybersecurity services. It includes lack of compliance, low cybersecurity posture, lack of skilled personnel in domain cybersecurity, and standalone security solutions not leveraged to their full potential. They have enabled their clients with augmented cybersecurity posture per their use cases, empowering them to achieve new growth opportunities without worrying about cyber attacks. 

Through a team of threat-striking experts, they have made their presence across MEA, North America, Europe, and Asia.

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