SharkStriker wins global recognition at the 18th Globee® Awards for Information Technology

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SharkStriker wins global recognition at the 18th Globee® Awards for Information Technology

Walnut Creek CA 94956, 12th May 2023: Global cybersecurity vendor SharkStriker has recently won a globally esteemed award at the 18th Globee Awards for Information Technology for its holistic cybersecurity services that have empowered MSP and MSSPs worldwide.  They have achieved recognition under the category of startup achievement of the year.  

It is among the many wins that SharkStriker has been awarded this year, having been recognized by the Globee Awards which is globally renowned for honoring organizations across industries to promote their excellence in the industry. 

Through this award, they have acknowledged vendors that have demonstrated excellence through their advanced, groundbreaking products, solutions, and services, thereby raising the industry standards in all aspects of technology and cybersecurity. This recognition highlights the remarkable contributions made by SharkStriker and its commitment to driving innovation in the field. 

Their cybersecurity-as–a-service offers a unique value proposition to customers across industries serving multiple use cases. They have offered a holistic one-stop solution to businesses that lack the finance or expertise for cybersecurity. It caters to the specific cybersecurity needs of a business with a human expertise approach that helps them solve challenges most prevalent in the industry. These challenges include a lack of expertise in cybersecurity, the increasing cost of cybersecurity solutions, and the rising sophistication of cyber attackers. 

They were awarded for going beyond the industry standard to offer a unique cybersecurity value proposition to customers across industries with their Cybersecurity-as-a-service. With this service, SharkStriker intends to break the silos that surround cybersecurity and want to offer enterprise-grade security that fits the scope and budget. 

Apart from their cybersecurity-as-a-service, they also offer services such as SOC-as-a-service, MDR-as-a-service, SIEM-as-a-service, and compliance management services for global and regulatory compliances like – GDPR, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, POPIA, NESA, and SAMA. 

“I am honored to congratulate the remarkable winners of the 2023 Globee® Awards for Information Technology,” says San Madan, President of Globee Awards. 

We are immensely proud to receive this esteemed accolade from the Globee® Awards, recognizing cybersecurity-as-a-service as a winner in the 2023 Globee® Awards for Information Technology,” states Ajay Kumar, Founder of SharkStriker. 

About SharkStriker

SharkStriker is a global cybersecurity vendor that empowers MSSPs from around the world through its holistic range of human-led, technologically driven cybersecurity services. They offer one-stop-solution for cybersecurity eliminating the reliance on multiple vendors for cybersecurity. They are expanding their presence across the world having established a foothold in over 30+ countries catering to clients from multiple industries. 

About Globee Awards

The term “Globee” is a combination of the words “global” and “business.” The Globee Awards were formed to honor organizations of all types and sizes from around the world for their achievements in various business and technology-related categories. The awards were created to provide a platform for recognizing and promoting excellence in industries and sectors that are shaping the future of business.

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