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Targeted Security for Targeted Attacks

We deploy highly-evolved cybersecurity solutions to prevent attacks against your retail network.


Cybersecurity for Retail

Whether you are running a brick and mortar retail store or an online store, be prepared to face advanced cyber threats. If you don’t, you will face the prospect of data breaches, resulting in a loss of face amongst your customers and a loss of revenue.

Did you know that a massive 62% of customers are concerned about the sanctity of their data with retailers like you? This is not a good situation to be in, and the only way you can improve their confidence levels in your ability to protect their data is by taking the necessary preventative steps. SharkStriker helps you improve the cybersecurity footprint of your business by deploying bleeding edge security solutions aligned with the ever developing retail threatscape.


Industry Stats

Retailers Have Suffered a Data Breach
Organizations Have Achieved Payment Compliance
Most Attacked Industry

Security Challenges

MDR focus

If you have faced a data breach or have suffered the brunt of hacking attempts, you must have realized by now, that cybercriminals will do anything to access sensitive retail data. We will help you guard against a range of cyberattacks that target POS systems or customer databases to access user credentials, financial data, PII and more.

  • Identifying vulnerabilities across POS systems, websites, applications and more

  • Supporting your needs to becoming PCI DSS compliant

  • Deploying advanced security to prevent sophisticated threats

  • Integrating an MDR solution to accelerate threat detection and mitigation

  • Secure customer data processing

  • Customer data backup

Our Expertise

sharkstriker Compliance Management

With plenty of experience of working on improving the cybersecurity infrastructure for organizations across the retail sector, SharkStriker is best placed to solve your needs. Our approach to securing your business’s network and endpoint is not generic. It is tailor made keeping in mind the specific requirements of the retail sector and focuses on helping your business meet the requirements of the toughest regulatory compliances, including GDPR, PCI DSS and ISO-27001.

The SharkStriker Approach

How We Deliver Cybersecurity Solutions for Retail Sector

Intelligence Gathering

Evaluation and Analysis

Building a Plan of Action

Solutions Deployment

Best-In-Class MDR, XDR, SIEM, VAPT, Cloud Security, Firewall Services

Our Premier Services

SharkStriker understands the cybersecurity needs of all sectors and the various companies in that sector are different and we therefore upgrade cyber resilience in a tailormade manner.

SharkStriker Advantages

What our clients say about us

As an organization we realized, we were exposed to a threat landscape that is evolving continuously. Our small team found it difficult to cope with the advanced threats levelled at our organization. We partnered with SharkStriker to take the burden off our security team. We are simply amazed by their ability to manage our security infrastructure in a way such that all threats are kept at bay allowing us to focus on business growth activities.

Raj , CIO, Confiance Business Solution
Team Expertise

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cybersecurity for retail an expensive proposition?2020-10-19T21:01:39+00:00

There is no fixed cost to cybersecurity and the cost really depends on the complexity of retail systems and nature of your network and its scope. However, it is important that you do not see cybersecurity purely from the cost prism, and think about the tremendous tangible and intangible benefits it brings to the table.

We cannot hire cybersecurity professionals to manage our security solutions. How do we still improve our security posture?2020-10-19T21:01:13+00:00

SharkStriker’s managed security services are best placed to handle all your security needs, wherein our team of cybersecurity professionals will be on the ball 24/7 managing your security risks and monitoring your cybersecurity infrastructure.

Should I apprise my employees about the threats to my business?2020-10-19T21:00:53+00:00

This is absolutely critical as many a times it is the decisions they take that will either protect your business from a malware attack or expose it to advanced attacks.

What are the various threats that can be levelled at my retail business?2020-10-19T21:00:29+00:00

Spear phishing, malicious insiders, DDoS attacks, POS attacks, ransomware attacks are just some of the many threats that your business must guard against.

How Important is cybersecurity for my online retail store?2020-10-19T20:59:59+00:00

Cybercriminals have an eye on your site and are looking to exploit its vulnerabilities to hack into data they can monetize. Any data breach will result in a tremendous loss of reputation, and it might destroy your business. This is why cybersecurity is important.


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SharkStriker provides MDR, XDR and host of managed security services using ORCA platform managed by 24/7 ORCA Experts.

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