How XDR Gives 360 Degree Protection For Cyber Security?

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How XDR Gives 360 Degree Protection For Cyber Security?

It is so fulfilling knowing that you have ultimate security when it comes to cyber attacks as the kind of investments you have done is worth your entire life savings. Nevertheless, does it break the heart and zeal to work more than when you wake up and read the breaking news that your company or associate business has been will not only send coldness into your body, but you will also try to figure out the best possible way to disassociate yourself with that company or organization in vain. It is not only the loss which has occurred, but the company reputation has been tainted and investment which cost you a considerate amount of capital.

To avoid all this speculations and nightmares, everyone wants a solution that will guarantee a 24/7 in operation and 360-degree cyber threats protection. The Extended Detection Response comes in handy to guarantee this by ensuring protection from parameter to end point. It does this by collecting and doing a correlation of data across mails, endpoint, servers, cloud workloads, and networks. The service being offered by this are increasing day by day due to its capability of embracing the current technology and high visibility of collecting and correlating threat information.

Some attacks are becoming stealthier to be visible using other method of threat hunting as hacker are using steganography techniques which are bypassing the set defence in depth security. The EDR will analysis, prioritise hunt and remediate any threat that could cause a tremendous damage and great impact by deploying or automating the process to detect this at initial stage. This process also finds if your endpoint devices are a threat to network infrastructure of any business when connected to their network. It will flag off the devices suspected to contain malicious software and vulnerable to other cyber threat according to the released CVV’s score card if the user has not patched and hardened the machine.

The following are major functions of the XDR:

  • They do perform automated incident response
  • Conduct threat hunting 24/7 and in a 360-degree capability
  • Compliance management
  • Vulnerability management [cloud, networks, host]
  • Cloud infrastructure monitoring
  • Network security[firewall]
  • User behavior analytics
  • Alert correlation and smart alert
  • Device configuration backup
  • Anomaly detection and analytics
  • Real-time inventory management
  • Monitoring of office 365 or G-Suite
  • Cloud vulnerability assessment
  • Automated incident response
  • Configuration assessment and policy management

The EDR has continue enabling the security team work effectively and efficiency because it provides more tools with different functions and detection capability. The ability of it to collect data from various sources and do a correlation make it suitable for avoiding a false positive and improving reliability.

Organization having SIEM solutions believe that they are fully monitoring their network activities but this software only provides a shallow data from various sources while EDR will go deeper beyond their capabilities also provide support for various other network security responsibilities like Tier1 [triage], Tier2 [investigations] and Tier3 [threat hunting] if an organization has classified its team according to such categories.

The use automation capability in its functionalities of tracking, responses and alert has tremendously reduced the workload of security teams enabling them to focus on other work beyond the mentioned tiers.

Though the future of EDR is improving from time to time by providing more visibility of security detection, alerts and response from parameter to end point, still a lot is needed which require more integration with other tools to provide a water tight security.

Cyber security is a collective responsibility and it will never be a battle of one functionality.


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