Goodbye EDR: Is XDR capable of solving all the SIEM problems? 

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Goodbye EDR: Is XDR capable of solving all the SIEM problems?

It is high time to bid farewell to the faithful Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) as it finally meets its extinction. The market readily embraces Extended Detection Response (XDR) as the new EDR.

Is Endpoint Detection and Response near extinction? Will it be fully replaced by Extended Detection and Response (XDR)? 

According to the latest research report by Forrester, the XDR market is settling down, and most vendors who sold SIEM in the name of XDR have finally gone back to selling SIEM platforms. The existing vendors of EDR have all added multi-sourced ingestion of telemetry and vendors of XDR are offering general features with it. Even EDR is now referred to as XDR by some large enterprises.

As XDR encapsulates EDR by default, encompassing other detection surfaces than endpoint such as email, identity, and cloud being built on big data infrastructure environment for delivering quick and high precision response. Made for rendering high analyst experience, it provides superior tools for investigation and detection.

The research further found that vendors who offer XDR are shifting back to the native XDR approach since it is challenging to manage data ingestion issues with a security analytics platform. These XDR vendors are also examining whether they want to continue XDR offering through more simplification or offer their products as SIEM alternatives. 

Additionally, the research study found that vendors are more focused on extending their capabilities than improving the experience for the experts using the solutions. It emphasizes the encouragement of these vendors to focus solely on the improvement of detection and response capabilities. 

How is SharkStriker solving all the challenges presented by the market?

SharkStriker solves the challenge of managing and integrating multisource ingestion of security data through its unified, open architecture (with emphasis on open architecture), and multi-tenant platform STRIEGO.  

What makes STRIEGO stand out is its ability to adapt to change. Businesses today are struggling to integrate multisource ingestion. But STRIEGO addresses this challenge without breaking a sweat by covering the collection of data beyond the endpoint – covering – email, networks, identity, and cloud through SIEM/XDR.  

Through STRIEGO, SharkStriker can provide the perfect symbiosis of AI and HI (for Human Intelligence/Human expertise) to render high ROI across all the existing cybersecurity investments including XDR and SIEM! It easily blends with the current setup of the business, assisting experts to keep the cybersecurity posture ready for modern-day threats through the implementation of best practices in security. If offers businesses visibility they need to proactively detect and respond to threats and keep their business stress-free from cyber-attacks.

To discover STRIEGO’s capabilities in detail, visit our website or get a call back from our experts. 


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